Normandy Welcomes World War II Heroes


World War II veterans met with cheers and applause from throngs of well-wishers as they arrived in Normandy, France, for events commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. 

U.S. service members assigned to commands historically linked to D-Day are in Normandy too, slated to participate in more than 100 events marking the milestone anniversary of June 6, 1944, when allied forces launched the largest air, land and sea military invasion in history. 

American and partner-nation leaders and dignitaries are expected at many of the commemorative events, to both highlight the strength of the United States’ commitment to European security and pay tribute to the heroes who fought for the triumph of liberty over tyranny in World War II. 

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The number of these heroes at D-Day anniversary events in Normandy each year is diminishing, but the gratitude and awe for their service and sacrifice endures. 

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