Author of Disabled Leadership ISBN-10: 1694324672

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** RELEASE OCTOBER 7, 2019 ***
Dr. Tom Wiggins Airborne Ranger (RET)
Author of Disabled Leadership ISBN-10: 1694324672

Fifty-four million Americans suffer from diagnosed disabilities. Tom is one of them. During the course of his twenty-year career, he has been blessed with the opportunity to be inspired by Disabled Leaders, both in the operational environment and in the classroom. Over the past several years Dr. Wiggins has conceptualized what he refers to as “Disabled Leadership”. This concept proves how Disabled Leaders demonstrate leadership traits better than the general population.

Disabled Leadership also serves to teach disabled leaders how they may emulate many fundamental characteristics to improve their leadership abilities. Disabled Leadership provides readers with self awareness, teaches leaders how to build platforms for success, and investigates the key traits of Disabled Leadership: Desire, Dedication, and Discipline. Dr. Wiggins shares personal stories and others inspirations in detailing his theory. Disabled Leadership covers a wide range of disabilities from deafness to blindness and from autism to cerebral palsy. Dr. Wiggins invites leaders to conceive, believe, and achieve any aspiration.


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