Introduction - Luke

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Introduction - Luke

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Hi, my name is Luke, I'm 16, and I'm still in high school. I know I'm fairly young, but I've done some research of the different units and branches of the military and decided that I want to go for being a Ranger. If I ever refer to something incorrectly, corrections are certainly welcome, I'm just looking for any helpful information, such as just basics on recruitment and the type of stuff to expect. Amount of work required isn't a problem, just looking to get somewhere, and that somewhere being the Ranger Regiment, after of course Ranger school.
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Re: Introduction - Luke

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Welcome to the forum, Luke.
When you choose to enlist, you will be looking for an Opt 40, which will get you into the Ranger Regiment after all of the training. RASP is the training portion of a 75th Ranger Regiment. Ranger School is something later that is a leadership school. You will get a Ranger Scroll when in Ranger Regiment and a Ranger Tab after passing Ranger School. Good luck.
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