June 6

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Ranger Ron
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June 6

Post by Ranger Ron »

Rest In Peace! Thanks for Leading The Way!

SUA SPONTE - "We few, we happy few, we BAND OF BROTHERS;
for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother!"
- Shakespeare

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Re: June 6

Post by Lefty »


Thanks for posting, Ron.
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Re: June 6

Post by Lunch »

Roger that.
Rest in peace heroes.
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Re: June 6

Post by SkyShark »

Last night I was playing MW3 on the xBox. During an intermission I commented, "Can you imagine what was going on right now 68 years ago? Can you imagine what was going on in so many minds, young and old? Just amazing when you think about it."

One of my friends that I was playing with commented, "68 years ago, my Grandfather was laying ocean with a boken back waiting for someone to come pick him up after being blown out of a landing craft." So many lives for such an important cause all for a war that was started because one guy decided to start a war. Amazing..............

To those Paratroopers that never hit the ground, those guys that never got to touch sand. To all of those that were lucky enough to survive and get the job done. To all the families back home that didn't know and those that never found out. To all the Rangers that Lead The way to the top of the Hoc and to those that ended up pulling security in an eternal overwatch. To all the Moms and Dads that had to do that one thing that no parent should ever have to do, bury thier child. To all the wives that became widows and single parents in a split second. To all the boys and girls that grew up and never forgot and never let their children and grandchildren forget. God Bless You.

It's all good.
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Re: June 6

Post by RangerX »

Yup. Just started my annual viewing of Band of Brothers.
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Re: June 6

Post by Jim »

Let us never forget the valor, fidelity and discipline of those who led the way, Rangers.
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Re: June 6

Post by Steadfast »

June 6 or June 8, one can never forget all those hero's that went before us. I met & meet many of them throughout the years (at the V.A.) and many have gone on to the RP.

Heaven is going to be crowded by the time I get there!

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Re: June 6

Post by hobbit »

They gave us one of our most fascinating episodes in history, one I never tire reading about.
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