Introduction - Charles

Who are you? What is your age/education level? Clearly state the purpose of your visit. Please protect your privacy by not including full names and current personal information.

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Introduction - Charles

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"Clearly state the purpose of your visit"

Hello all US Rangers and all others.

My name is Charles. I am from Canada. I am 68, a Civilian. I respect all Military in both US/Canada and other parts of the world who serve their countries and protect their citizens. My mother is American. It says to state the purpose of my visit.

I did so in an initial post but the administration felt is was more appropriate that I make an introduction first. I do want to make it clear why I choose to come here so you can be informed to decide if you wish to entertain or not my purpose. I run a small chat discussion forum.

I have a member who for the last 8 years has professed to a a US Air Borne Ranger. He has made some wild claims. I have strong reason to believe him to be an impostor. I came here to share some of the many things he has posted to get your valuable input on whether you believe they could be true or not, things he has said, that you as Real US Rangers would be in a much better position to qualify than I.

Those details are in a post I submitted that remain in moderation to be determine if it will be shared in public for further review and discussion with the rest of the members here.

I come here in good faith & with good intentions but fully understand & will respect whatever this site decides.

Keep safe all during these very challenging times.

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Re: Introduction - Charles

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Thank you Sir for visiting and sharing with us and appreciate the introduction. I am sure we have some Rangers here that will be able to help you out with your inquiry.
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