Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

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Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by garyedolan »

It is with sadness and grief that I announce the death of our Brother-in-Arms Ranger Tony Foster, who passed away this morning of a heart attack. Remember him as the gallant Warrior Team Leader in 2nd Platoon, Charlie Rangers and please say a prayer for him.
Gary "28"
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Re: Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by centermass »

Rest easy Tony.

My condolences Gary. Always sucks hearing news like this.
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Re: Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by Jim »

From Ranger Rodolfo A. Teodosio:
I sadly announced that this morning Ranger Tony Foster has passed away and have crossed over.
Tony served the 1-503 173rd Abn Bde, a short time with 173rd LRRPs, where he was seriously wounded.
Recovered from his wounds to work at the Ranger Camp at Benning as a RI. Returned to Vietnam to served as a Team Leader C-75th Rangers.
Tony and I met at the VA Clinic many years ago in Atlanta and I notice his hat had some Rangers & 173rd pins.
I only spoke to him for about 5 minutes about units on his hat and that I was also a ranger. Obviously he didn't believe me at first, and he had me checked out with some key Ranger personality in the community from our era.
The next time we met at the clinic he apologized for doubting my validation of being a 75th Ranger, for he met dozen of phony Vets at the clinic. Ever since that time we because quick ranger buddies and always had a great time when we link up. I shall miss his down to earth tactical stories and his funny one to match the others. RLTW Tony, see ya at first light!
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Re: Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by cams »

Rest in peace Ranger. Prayers out for family and friends.

Condolences Gary and prayers out for you and mom as well.
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"It is a heavy thing, to see a Father so strong in life, unable to rise."

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Re: Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by Buzz »

Rest in Peace Ranger Tony Foster.
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Re: Pray for the Soul of Ranger Tony Foster

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Very sad news, Lt. . . .first his brother & now Tony. They were both solid Rangers. He will be missed by our company of Brothers - E/20th & C/75 Rangers. Prayers for the family.

We will see you back in the rear area, Tony. Keep a cold one on ice for us!

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