Familial Ramifications

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Re: Familial Ramifications

Post by bobdub »

centermass wrote:
RangerX wrote:Be your own man. Your parents will get over it. If they don't, you will.

Parents will almost always choose what is safe for their child over what is right. Only you can determine what is right.

You're in your 20's, correct?

Also, unless your father was on the ground that day when Pat Tillman (As some of our members here were) was killed, he has the "Fluff and Buff" whitewash version of the events that tragically unfolded.

Do you have any idea how many times something like that could happen and doesn't? That's why the Regiment trains the way it does. It's the reason it has the standards that all members have to maintain. It's also the reason there's nothing else like it.

To say it will never happen is unrealistic. Ranger training for combat alone, is dangerous as it is, not to mention combat itself. I can guarantee you that if you apply yourself and succeed, you will get and receive the best training possible and available. The same goes for the leadership.

Be your own man, stand on your own 2 feet and decide what it is that YOU want to do. And if you're going to do it, DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Not anyone else, and not for the reasons of to make a point, get even, delusions of grandeur, etc etc. Do it because in your heart, IT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE.

Ranger KW Driver also made an important point.
KW Driver wrote:they'll likely support and love you after you've made your choice.
Affirmative Ranger Centermass. I am 24.

I don't do anything to prove a point. If anything, I am they type of guy that wants to go unnoticed behind the scenes. I would be joining for what I see as the "right" reasons. Not for Uncle Sam to write me a GI Bill Check. Not for the money. Not for the glory. I am not one of those entitled millennials that feels the government owes them everything. I hate the feeling of watching from the stands and not being in control.

No, My dad was not on the ground when Tillman died.

I understand that the training is top notch and there is no doubt in my mind that the Rangers are good at what they do. I want to serve with men of your caliber.

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Re: Familial Ramifications

Post by fatboy »

Bobdub, reading this thread a few things come to mind- the first is a quote from Patton. I'll paraphrase, but the gist of it is "when your kids look at you and ask what did you do during the wars, how are you going to respond? I shoveled shit in <insert home town> or fought with the best of them?" Again, not a direct quote, but close enough.
Secondly, I have to ask about your willingness to man up. If all it takes is a few harsh words from someone to make you re think your position on something, then you sure as hell don't want to go into combat arms, let alone an infantry unit. If hurt feelings and harsh words weigh that heavily on you,I can tell you that you would not have make it in a regular Infantry unit. And the Ranger Regiment is not a regular Infantry unit.

Point being, at some time in your life, you have to take the reins and run your life as YOU see fit. Not according to anyone else. In the end, it's your call.
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Re: Familial Ramifications

Post by Baseplate »

My mother screamed and she cried. She tried to guilt me. Then she tried to bribe me. Then she gave me a shit load of grief. The recruiter said it was the closest he had ever been to getting thrown out of a house before. I still joined. She got over it.
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Re: Familial Ramifications

Post by PocketKings »

My mom practically disowned me.

But, she and my father drove from PA to GA to watch me get my tab pinned. High School and college graduation, Division 1 soccer, ROTC, etc....that's the proudest they'd ever been of me.
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