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Moved Post

Post by Ranger »

I removed a thread titled T M. Not because I am censoring anyone, but that I don't feel the need to associate with those people.

If you would like to sanitize the thread without the names and then have a discussion please feel free to do so. I just don't want those names popping up and associated with our site.

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Re: Moved Post

Post by Lefty »

OK. I will take responsibility for inserting the one name with its sinister heritage.

I should have used a less conspicuous name such as Rosa Luxemburg, who was used by the other side as a martyr. Either way, the subject of the thread is being rapidly (and wrongly IMO) exploited as a martyr. Vilification of the other individual, whatever he did, has risen to the point of reprehensible and ridiculous. The irony and hypocrisy here is incredible.

Either way, I will try to avoid reference in these threads to subjects which would reflect adversely upon the site. Mea culpa, maxima.
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