Congress to make 29 March VN Veterans day

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Congress to make 29 March VN Veterans day

Post by Jim »

Bill to make March 29 National Vietnam War Veterans Day clears Congress, awaits Trump's signature ... Nvgi2d1omi
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Re: Congress to make 29 March VN Veterans day

Post by cams »

While I see this as a nice gesture, I would so much rather see the .gov finally start to actually care for their Vietnam Veterans.

In what fucking world should a homeless Vietnam Vet sleep in a cardboard box all year even in in climate weather, while illegal aliens show up here with forged paperwork and get section 8 housing, food stamps and free healthcare? Fucking shameful. Maybe if we didn't pay out all that money to these scabs we could actually house every single homeless veteran we have. Maybe. Will never happen tho.

Sorry Jim don't mean to be a downer on a nice gesture, those are just my visceral reactions to it. "We're going to completely ignore you and let you die cold and hungry, but we will name a day after you so it's all good right?"

You guys know all us juniors love us some Vietnam Veterans, pure bad-assery every day.

I'm still pissed at how you all were/are treated. That's a stain on American history that will never be buffed out.
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