"The Legend" Shawn Wally Acker

Ranger Poser trophy kills for public viewing. Those named within have been caught posing as Rangers, by Rangers of this website.

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"The Legend" Shawn Wally Acker

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The Surgeon reports:
Shawn Wally Acker - claimed Ranger time in Panama at "the airfield," two purple hearts, Ranger tab, Halo, RTB, various medals, etc. He told his claims to Sheriff, friend, and owner of Badlands Tactical, Bobby Whittington who then relayed it to me. :roll: After looking at the Panama orders, the MOG rosters, and records at RTB, he could not be verified as having any association ever with any Ranger unit. Mary then did her thing and the results were not surprising. After much Ranger direct fire pressure from multiple locations, WillisGroup observed it was in their best interest to fire Mr. Acker. His lies have been reported to the FBI, VA OIG, and the Houston area news. -For our Brothers-


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