Paul Dyer -- Fargo, ND

Ranger Poser trophy kills for public viewing. Those named within have been caught posing as Rangers, by Rangers of this website.

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Paul Dyer -- Fargo, ND

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Well now here we have an interesting poser. A man of great valor and distinction who wants nothing but Peace. For more than a year he has moved across the country, living out his lies. We first found him living in Maine and working on the staff of Pat LaMarche, an unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Maine.

Paul Dyer, Special Forces Ranger for 12 years. Received two Bronze Stars for combat. Served in combat in Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and many other stations.


Clicky Here.... For a link to Ms. LaMarche's unsuccessful political ad.

Next, he shows up in Fargo, ND as part of the North Dakota Peace Coalition.

[quote="Paul Dyer"]
Loving the Soldier
By Paul Dyer
I am Paul Dyer. I served 13 years in the Army. I have killed with my hands, over 86 people. I served in the Gulf War, Somalia, Bosnia, Panama, Haiti, Israel, Afghanistan, Uganda. I was an instructor at the School of the Americas.

Four thousand soldiers, since 2004, have shot themselves. My concern is PTSD. There is no cure. The cure is really understanding it can never be labeled a disease; it is woven so deep in the fabric of your being; your cognitive ability is steeped in stress and trauma; it causes night tremors, sleep disorders, inability to concentrate, troubles in the relational part; you view your life as worthless because of the lives you have taken.

I suffer from PTSD.

Where do these soldiers go? Who helps these soldiers when they're home?

They don't know the problem they have until they're putting a gun in their mouth.

My personal story — I was a trained combat killer, on black ops. Our mission was to kill quietly, silently, quickly. Common soldiers are not trained to be killers. Because of close combat, they are actually seeing the victims, which is different from other wars.

We need a North Dakota hotline for soldiers with PTSD, where they can call 24-hours a day — a hotline just for them, or they won't call. They won't call a military line, either. It could be the “Loving Soldier Hotline.â€


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