Kekoa Patrick Cabanting -- Seattle, Washington

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Kekoa Patrick Cabanting -- Seattle, Washington

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Kekoa Patrick Cabanting

He worked in a major corporation headquarters in Seattle, WA. I work there, also, so thats how I met him. He displayed "Ranger" images all over his office. It looked like he just did a internet search. Based on that and a little more research I find out he was in the Army just never in the Ranger Regiment nor did he go to Ranger school. He had a profile listing his dates of service and units but none of the units matched his claims, also had a geocities website with family military pictures none of which pictured him wearing any uniform consistent with his claims.

He had this picture posted in his office. When I asked him what was up with the uniform, he said it was someone else's he was just wearing for a photo op. I finally got his alleged Ranger class number by emailing him a pic of my Ranger school class with myself circled and the words "where's yours?" He sends me back a pic of class 6-93 claiming to be third from the left second row from the top. Well, according to his profile he entered servcice in 1993 and was in the 1st Infantry Division so I find it damn near impossible for him to have been at Ranger school in his first year in the military. Armed with his websites and Copies of his emailed claims to Ranger fame, I checked with a buddy in human resources to see if he claimed that on his resume to get hired. Bingo, it even looked like he had forged his DD-214 because it listed Ranger under awards but not under schools; nor did it have any matching unit history. So I took all this ammo and opened the range directly to his boss who I found out was firing him next week anyway but was telling him he was moving to another department while he trained his replacement. My evidence urged his boss to call the VA check his DD-214 and find out it was altered and that his resume was false as well. Long story short he was fired immediatley. I made sure I was at the front desk when he left.
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