Droning at school is fun!

Three phases and 62 days of hell. This section named in honor of MAJ John Whyte who was taken from us on 04/17/05.
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Droning at school is fun!

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When I got to mountains was when I really started to see things. Such as one time when I was in a patrol base and I saw a trailer and I told my buddy we should go and get under it to get warm. He says to me, "What the hell are you talking about?", thats when I realized what I had said.
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Go post an intro!

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One of my favorite ones is up in the mountains we were making a night movement on the road to our patrol base about 2 or 3 days into the second FTX, and my buddy just stops walking for no reason, so I run back and police him up and he tells me with a straight face that he saw someone "Go into the Porta-John and he was thier Ranger Buddy for when they came out"...
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Mountains - We had a really late ambush, so we went walking to our PB. It couldn't have been 4 or 5 km away, but one knows how easy it is to drone when you are under the 7's ... I don't know if the 14's were worse off or not. Anyway, I'm completely out of it, just followin' the ruck in front of me. All of a sudden, you hear a crash and the RI's start yelling, "What the fuck is all this noise! yadda yada yadda" Buddy of mine thought we started breaking brush and he just took off down the side of the mountain ... busted it HARD! Was funny at the time ...

Florida - We couldn't finish the second half of "The Boiling" due to safety issues with the water and the boats. I dont know how long this roadmarch was, but it felt like we walked for days. I as humping the 240 ... was a shitty night. I fell asleep 5 or 6 different times on this walk. Anyway, somewhere along the way, RI starts yelling at one of the other studs. "You motherfucking homo,what the hell are you doing?" "Nothing, Sarn't" "Get back in formation!" He was sound asleep, walked right over to the RI and damn near tackled him enroute. Woke me up for a little while.

Mountains - 0400hrs. First formation and sensitive items check. Were in our square, RI calling off equipment. The other RI was staning to the side, and "Frank D" started carressing his arm! RI about knocks him out. The stud wakes up and starts talking about his dream. It was sooo funny. Turned out to be one of the most laid back sensitive item checks we had.
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Re: Ha

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Signa Inferemus wrote:Mountains - We had a really late ambush, so we went walking to our PB. It couldn't have been 4 or 5 km away, but one knows how easy it is to drone when you are under the 7's ... I don't know if the 14's were worse off or not. Anyway, I'm completely out of it, just followin' the ruck in front of me. All of a sudden, you hear a crash and the RI's start yelling, "What the Duck! is all this noise! yadda yada yadda" Buddy of mine thought we started breaking brush and he just took off down the side of the mountain ... busted it HARD! Was funny at the time ...
I did this same thing in Mountains. It was a long road movement under the 7's late at night and I was following the cat eyes in front of me (at least I thought it was a person). This Ranger who I later found out was imaginary took a hard left and I followed him. I woke up as I was doing cartwheels down the side of the mountain. I stopped when I landed up against a tree. I looked up startled to see my squad standing on the street laughing their asses off.

A lot of funny things happened in mountains. At least they are funny now, but not so funny then. Crawling up Hawk Mountain on all fours in the pouring rain/sleet to get to our patrol base for the night was probably my "favorite". Well either that or the "Rescue Randy" mission carrying 400 rounds of 7.62.
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Post by Jim »

If I were hooked tu a lie detector, it would verify that I saw a four lane highway in the middle of the Yellow River Swamp in florida. I know I saw it -- it was there.
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I hallucinated seeing a patrol shadowing us in mountains. I could make out the details of thier uniforms ... everything, but I knew I was droning because they were less than 100m and were making absolutely NO sound whatsoever. None. We were not anywhere where we should have had any adjacent unit issues, OPFOR contact, or anything else. It was a little freaky.

So I let my Ranger buddy know that I am droning and tell him to keep en eye on me when we stop so I don't fall asleep, and I damn near shit my pants when he said that he say it too. :shock:

What are the odds of two Hooah having the same hallucination at the same time? Maybe there is really a ghost patrol running around Dahlonega. :lol:
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Post by PocketKings »

During a map check I looked up and saw, on a low haning branch, two professional golfers in pink shirts discussing the PGA tour.

Then, on the final walk into the Florida camp, the blinking lights from some far away tower reflected in my catch-me-fuck me glasses and appeared to me to be an elf running alongside the formation. Everytime I turned my head, the reflection (and elf) disappeared (pissing me off).

Both times the sane part of my brain told me my visions weren't real, but since I was entertained...I just kinda went with it.
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Post by Grunt »

We were moving along in the mountains one evening. Not much illum. and we're in some fairly thick pine area. Then we stop for a map check. Of course, everyone takes a knee and faces out. A few moments later we start to move again and I see the guys ahead, one by one, start to pick up and move. All except for this one guy directly in front of me. He's still kneeling and facing out. I start whispering to him, "Hey, let's go, we're moving..." He doesn't move at all and it's obvious that he's fallen asleep. So I whisper again, "Hey, wake up, we're moving." By now the guys behind me are up and wondering what's going on. One of them walks up to me and says "What's the hold up?" I tell him that the this guy has fallen asleep and I'm trying to get him to move. He then looks at the guy, looks back at me, and says, "it's a tree." Sure enough, it was a little pine tree that I SWORE was a member of the patrol.

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Re: Droning at school is fun!

Post by Furious George »

I know this is an old post, but still funny none the less...

We were humping in the mountains one night and I swear the Ranger's ruck in front of me turned out to be the largest, juiciest cheeseburger I had ever seen...fuck, my mouth is still watering... :lol:
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Re: Droning at school is fun!

Post by ZoneIV »

One evening in the desert, I was all geared up for a good drone. You all know what it is like to have really no responsibilty and just need to follow the guy in front of you. I was in the back of a traveling formation just following along and had hit the drone haze state that you absolutely feel no pain. After a while, the whole formation abruptly stopped. What was strange was that we stayed stopped for a pretty long time. In my hazy droned out mind I heard my roster number called out. This woke me up pretty quick with an "oh shit...this can't be good". Did a shuffle up to the front where the RIs were waiting for me and I heard a pissed off voice of an RI say in the dark of night....."the patrol is lost and you are now PL and you have 15 minutes (it could have been 30 mins) to get oriented and move this patrol out." The patrol was indeed lost. I passed word back for the best map stud we had which was a 38 or 39 year old Force Recon guy. He came up and I explained the situation and we worked at coming up with where we were at while an RI was counting down "you have XX minutes PL" which ultimately led to a "get this fucking patrol moving now PL".

Well we got the patrol moving until we reached where we needed to be. I stopped the patrol. RI came running up yelling asking why I was stopping the patrol. I told him that the objective was right over there and pointed the direction of it. He started saying how I got the patrol lost again and started ragging on me. I stood my ground and told him where the objective was but he didn't believe me. He stated in a pissed off voice "wait here" and walked off in the darkness in the direction I pointed that the objective was. Well he left for perhaps 10-15 minutes and then came back. We had indeed arrived. He did a PL changeover for the assault phase and I took a space on the perimeter. The next thing I knew I was awakened by the sound of pyrotechnics going off. Obviously I had fell asleep and the assault had started. With absolute fear caused by falling asleep and the possibility of getting caught, I quickly ran up to try to blend in with the rest. Luckily I was not missed.

This is my droning story.
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Re: Droning at school is fun!

Post by Worldweaver »

Patrol Base at mountains, setting the gun up at the 2 o'clock, AG starts removing a small bush that's in our way and obviously I think he's shaking a baby and trying to bury it :shock: I start to get a little concerned. I spent the rest of the night "imagining" myself low crawling through the PB and not knowing where the hell I was. At day break I was minus a PC, my eye pro, and a knife 8) the only other time I've had a lapse like that was St. Paddy's Day in Savannah.
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Re: Droning at school is fun!

Post by LJ_602 »

Mountains-Walking on one of the roads that had a steep drop-off on one side and guys were just stepping off and rolling down, I'm amazed no one got hurt. I was walking along when we were on a trail and I looked up and saw a pick up with a trailer hitch on it, I jumped out of the way, looked back and nothing was there.
Taking a knee one time my NODs were fogging up so I figured I would light all the menorahs around me so I could see (I'm not Jewish either). Some one asked me what I was doing, because I was just sitting there waving my hand up and down.
Another time we were taking a knee I saw the guy get up in front of me and I stood up and followed him, when I broke the wood line there was no one there. When I turned around and came back out of the wood line I was nose to nose with an RI.
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Re: Droning at school is fun!

Post by fatboy »

I can remember starting the something or other 500 in florida- the day you got to the patrol base early, thought you were golden, then got blown out to test your black or gold plan. After getting blown out, things get fuzzy :D
Near as I can figure, somewhere around the only gi-fucking-normous hill on River road, we took casualties. We then had to move them to a safe area. I remember none of this. I do remember asking an RI at the top of the hill why I had goose bumps though. (I was in Florida phase in August). And I clearly to this day remember the RI's response: "Ranger, where the fuck is your rucksack at?" My only response was I dunno :lol:
Needless to say, I found my ruck after going back down the hill at a high rate of speed. Walking that hill sucked the second time too.
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Re: Droning at school is fun!

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I saw that damned ghost patrol in mountains too.. strong pointed with a guy that wasn't there either. Those damned mountains are haunted.
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