Intro FAQ - New members read and heed!

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Intro FAQ - New members read and heed!

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Welcome to

(This FAQ is intended for our non-Ranger, non-Veteran, non-Ranger Parent forum members.)

This site is run by Army Rangers, men who have earned that title through service as a Ranger in the United States Army.

The Rangers who are on this site can help you, if you have decided to try to become an Army Ranger. But we require a good attitude on your part, which is taken as a reflection of your sincerity in wanting to give it your absolute best effort. You are expected to start now and continue with every post you make on this site.

First - Show a bit of common courtesy to those already on the site and introduce yourself to the rest of us. Something like this is effective:
Hi, my name is Mike, I'm 19 years old, have graduated high school and work in a woodshop that makes cabinets.

I enlisted in the Army a month ago. I have an 11x Contract with option 40. I ship out for basic on October 10, 2004. I'm looking forward to being a member on the site and learning a lot more about Rangers.
You don't have to be on the Delayed Entry Program to be a site member, this is just an example introduction with adequate detail. Note: DO NOT put your last name, or the last names of others, into your introduction.

Another component of courtesy is to use good english on this site. We're not in your neighborhood - you are in ours. The use of Street Slang is a sure way to get a quick exit from the site.

Second - Get yourself an avatar. Our avatar images have been broken down into a couple of categories that create an easy identification system for members who belong to different groups. A quick look through these image galleries and you will easily note a few attributes similar to other images in your gallery.

Look in your profile where it reads 'Avatar control panel' - near the bottom. Click on the button titled 'Show Gallery'.

==> If you ARE NOT on the Delayed Entry Program, select an avatar from the 'Newts' gallery of Avatar Images.

==> If you ARE on the Delayed Entry Program, select an avatar from the 'DEPs' gallery of Avatar Images.

Note: If you are not on Delayed Entry Program now, but enter it later, you are expected to upgrade your avatar at that time.

Third - if you are addressing someone on this site who is a veteran in the US Armed Forces, treat them with the respect they are due, as someone who has given of themselves to protect our nation. Even more so if the person is a Ranger - in fact - unless you are an active duty servicemember or veteran, you will address them as 'Ranger' prior to writing their username, such as 'Ranger Saltbitch' or 'Ranger ABell9', etc... New members who show contempt or disrespect for Rangers on this site are quickly banned.

Fourth - as you have not yet soldiered, you will refrain from dispensing advice on the best path to acheive the goals one seeks while serving or how to accomplish the tasks which are performed by a soldier. If, and only if, you later become a soldier, we invite you to share your experiences about soldierly matters on this website.

Fifth - you came onto this site voluntarily. You are a guest of the Rangers for whom this board was created. Remember that, and act accordingly.

Sixth - If you are not a Ranger, your username will be changed to suit our needs for self-amusement. Learn to like it! :twisted:



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