Stress Fractures

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Lots of good advice here, just don't take it too fast. 10 days pain free with normal activity. That is the gold standard for healed stress fractures. If you have pain in that 10 day period, modify your activity and start all over again. Whatever you are doing DO NOT try and "push through" it.

Take your time, rest up and let yourself heal properly. If not, you will pay the price... Trust me
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One other thing I just thought of would be to spend some time every day sitting or lying down with your affected feet resting on a stack of pillows. You could maybe even add some time with ice packs on them. The idea is to get them raised higher than your heart and to ease any inflamation that might be there. That helped a lot in my case.

Ranger The Sleepy Doc, inflamation / swelling interfers with healing in soft tissue, I learned with my own injuries. I expect that it does for bones as well, but that is a guess. Also, would some kind of anti-inflamatory meds help?
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Most of your benefit from anti-inflammatories is going to be in pain relief. Your tibia and surrounding soft tissues are poorly perfused and I don't think you'd get a good localized anti-inflammatory effect there. But if it helps with your discomfort then fine, just don't let that mask the discomfort to the point that you hurt yourself more. If you have anything that vibrates, ahem, like a tuning fork, ahem, then you should be able to put that against your tibia below your knee and again above your ankle and NOT feel pain in other parts of your leg. With stress fractures the vibration against the bone will irritate the stress fx sites all along the bone. A good test. The 10 day standard is golden.

RICE is good advice too.
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