Hello, Rangers!

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Hello, Rangers!

Post by DixieRat »

Please allow me to introduce myself, but don't expect no wealth or fame.

I served in C/2/75 from 3/75 - 4/76, under Cpt. Mike? Kelly and later Cpt. Bill Ohl. 1SGT Shallivan was top sgt. I workeed as FSCOORD NCO under Lt. Bakian.

While that was a tough time in the batt, it was one of the best times of my life. Working 20 hour days, sometimes working several days in a row with little or no sleep, but always with the best men around was fun.

I'm hoping to meet up with some old friends and maybe make some new ones.

B/1/319th PFA, 82nd Abn Div 6/72-2/75
C/2/75 3/75-4/76
1/84th FA, 9th ID 5/76-8/77
TUSLOG Det 67 9/77-10/78

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Post by Slowpoke »

Hello youngster!
I never wore a cape, but I still have my dog tags.

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173rd Abn LRRP...'66/'67
C/1/506 101st Abn
B/2/325 82nd Abn

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Post by Steadfast »

Welcome. An influx of young blood I see, well you have come to the right place. Some of your buds might be waiting for you. :lol:

4/325 82d DIV 68-69
2nd Bde HHC (LRRP), 4 ID
K Co (Rgr), 75th Inf (Abn), 4 ID
I cooked with C- 4

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Post by DixieRat »

Thanks for the wqelcomes. I didn't realize how "young" I was til I looked at ya'lls sig lines. Didn't realize you old farts could pull the trigger on these computer thangs! :lol:

B/1/319th PFA, 82nd Abn Div 6/72-2/75
C/2/75 3/75-4/76
1/84th FA, 9th ID 5/76-8/77
TUSLOG Det 67 9/77-10/78

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Post by Bugsy »

Welcome to the A.O. baby 8)
1984 - 1985 5th Inf Div
1985 - 1986 75th Inf Ranger Regt
1986 - 1988 3/12 SFG (ABN)

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Post by Ripcord »

Welcome youngster , Thanks for your service
A/2-501 Anb Inf 101st Abn
RVN 1970/1971 Northern I Corps
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Post by Spartan »

Welcome aboard.

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Post by Dublo »

Welcome to the site.
I was in 2/75 from 97 to 00. 5-99

"He only loved people, he thought, who had fought or been mutilated. Other people were fine and you liked them and were good friends; but you only felt true tenderness and love for those who had been there and had received the castigation that everyone receives who goes there long enough." Ernest Hemingway

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Post by Parabellum »

"We spoke to them in the only language they understood - the machine gun."

HHC 1/75 Oct 98-Mar 99
B co 1/75 Mar 99-Apr 04
ROC RSTB RIP/PRC Cadre Apr 04-May 06
A co 1/75 May 06-Jul 08
HHC 1/75 Jul 08-Mar 09

RS 3-99

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Post by Silverback »

Welcome FOG hope you like the site. I have the privelege of serving alongside of LTC Ohl, he was one of the hardest Rangers I ever met.
RC 2-87
3-75 84/85, 95/97
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Post by Rock Island Ranger »

Welcome My Son. Please call me Pastor. I just wanted to have you in and welcome you. As for that comment about "old farts", I would like to invite you to go fuck yourself.

With Kindness and Compassion for my Bretheren,

RS Class # 7-76

I'm not the way I am because I was a Ranger - I was a Ranger because of the way I am.

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Post by Earthpig »

Welcome home.....glad you found us.
Always remember: BROS BEFORE HOES.

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Post by RGR_Dan »

Damn glad to have ya!
95-98 Aco. 3/75 2nd plt Weapons Sqd
98-01Hco 121st LRS
Former LEO
Former Contractor
LEO (round 2)

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Post by fireranger »

3 rd. Plt. C Co. 2/75 1993-1997, RS 10-94 (Navigators)

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Post by Fish »

RS 11-94


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