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Rangers, Veterans, fellow Active Duty soldiers, and family/friends,
I'm a 2LT in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Started serving in 2007 and went the ROTC route here in Washington State. I head to Ft. Sam, TX for AMEDD BOLC in 2 weeks, with a follow-on duty station of Ft. Hood. I'm recently married to another officer who is currently in Florida Phase of Ranger School. I came across this site while trying to get particulars on the school, and get questions answered!

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome. Most of the questions can be answered by using the search feature, located on the top right of this page.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome young Angel of Mercy.....thanks for what you do!
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Welcome to the site.

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome ma'am, thanks to you and your new husband for your service!
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Re: Introduction

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome, Ma'am. Thanks X2 for what you do and good luck to your husband. I bet that water is coooooold.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome ma'am. Thanks to you and your RS student husband for your service and best of luck to you both.

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome Ma'am and thanks for your service to our great country. Thanks also for supporting your husband. When he completes Ranger School, have him join us here.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome. Thank you for what you do. My sister is a civilian nurse.
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