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Hi my son is in basic training an he has got a airborne with a option 40 contract.doing some issues with his weight.i got a few questions.we are from florida live here all of our lives he is 5ft 2 an weightd 120 lbs they are tell him that he to light for airborne school an that might lose his contract. they telling him that his parachute wont deploy.its a safety issue.his pt score is 246/300 no other this true or are they messing with him. i try talking to the recuiter but dont get no anwsers.
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Re: introduction

Post by Baseplate »

That boy needs to be on double rations.
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Re: introduction

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Wish I had an answer for you.... but how about telling us a little bit about yourself since this is the Introduction area for Veteran's and the like.
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Re: introduction

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Googling your question brought up a few websites. ... anger.html" onclick=";return false; ... rol-charts" onclick=";return false;

Neither are actual Army websites, but reference those.
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Re: introduction

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I was all of 125 pound in basic and im no more than 130 now and I'm serving in battalion. Your son should be fine on weight.. So long as he has some ridiculous strength in each of those pounds, haha.
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Sounds bogus to me. They have women going through airborne school that are probably 100lbs soaking wet.

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Re: introduction

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Quitters sometimes come up with creative excuses so as to not shame family.
If he is listening to barracks rumor, tell him to knock it off and work harder.
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