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New LT Intro

Post by mfusma10 »

Hello all,
I am a newly commissioned cherry LT in the Infantry currently down at Ft. Benning. I have read posts on this site for a long time and appreciate all of the Rangers knowledge and advice given. I finished the Sniper Leaders Course here and now am in the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course. I have a Ranger School date slotted for 3JAN11. I am on orders for my follow on assignment to Ft. Bragg. I will be with the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. In my research I found the only Infantry company in the MTOE for the 82d CAB is the Pathfinder company (formerly LRSD). I was curious as to if the mission and the unit has changed much from LRSD to Pathfinder? If anyone could PM me with some advice on anything LRSD/Pathfinder that I should know as an LT I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by PocketKings »

Welcome. How you scored that gig is a wonder. Most of the P-finder units don't have PL slots, just an XO and CO. Those units run small teams that are NCO led. Things may have changed in recent years, but that's they way it was. You might end up getting those orders amended, or you may end up as a 2LT XO.

How was Sniper Leader? I was one of the first to go through back in the day. It was still very rough from a content perspective, but I learned a lot and that's all that matters. If you end up P-finder or LRS as an O, you might actually get to put some of that stuff to use in planning recon missions. Any time you can help push common sense to the officers that don't have it when deploying those types of troops is good. It's amazing where an unschooled CO or BC will try to put a sniper team.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Welcome, thank you for your service. Great going on your branch, schools and assignment.

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Re: New LT Intro

Post by mfusma10 »

Thank you.

Sniper Leader was a great course. I learned a lot as well and was given a lot of reference material to refer back to. I do hope I get to use the knowledge I gained from the course, the sniper instructors stressed that many snipers in country were not getting used to their full capabilities and I would love to be able to employ them to enable them to use their different skill sets.

The research I have been doing about the P-finder company (LRS) is that it used to be a DIV level asset and only had CO, XO, and OPSO. Now that they are a company they actually have platoons similar to a LRSC (BfSB). I am not 100% sure though because open source info on the internet is limited on LRS and P-finder companies.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Buzz »

Welcome here Sir, congradulations and good luck.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by K.Ingraham »

Outstanding start to a career.
Welcome aboard. Once you've "made it", make sure to return here and pay it forward." onclick=";return false;
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by schibbs »

Howdy sir and thanks for your service. Only advice I can give is link up with a couple of good Batt boys in Ranger school and you all will do fine. I'd seriously watch your backside where West Pointers are concerned as they can phase you out if there are too many of em. I saw a really squared Lt fall to their nefarious peer reports!
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Ranger Ron »

Welcome Sir, to and thanks for your service to our great country!
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by garyedolan »

Welcome Youngster. Real life is quite different from school, so do not be too trusting. Trust in your own instincts, be true to yourself. Give more than is ever required and you will reap way beyond what you expect.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Ndog275 »

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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Jim »

There is no better job for an Infantry Lieutenant than to lead a platoon in the 82d Airborne Division. Welcome...
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by rgrokelley »

mfusma10 wrote: the sniper instructors stressed that many snipers in country were not getting used to their full capabilities and I would love to be able to employ them to enable them to use their different skill sets.
Which sniper instructors? The ones from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, petite guerre of the 1980s and 90s, or now?

Not much has changed since they figured out how to put a scope on a rifle. Welcome to the world of sniping.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Slowpoke »

I'll give you some advise.....don't say a fucking word, just agree with everything your Plt Sgt says. He may be a shit bag but he knows one hell of a lot more than you do. Remember, the only thing different between a Private and a 2nd Lieutenant is that a Private KNOWS he's stupid.
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by Zonk 1/75 »

The completion of some courses is no substitution for experience or well executed leadership.

Become a leader, not just the recipient of training.

Good luck
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Re: New LT Intro

Post by RangerTee »

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