Return of the Old Grunt

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Old Grunt
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Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Old Grunt »

OG reporting as ordered, albeit late and somewhat disheveled. I was unavoidably detained by a group of stripp--, uh, prospective Congressional interns, fresh from a NDP social event who were in desperate need of a real man to provide them with stress relief after their interview with the aforementioned Congressmen revealed that the floor of the Senate isn’t the only place liberals are prone to make promises they can’t deliver.

To those of you who don’t know me I’m Old Grunt, a member in at least reasonably good standing, who’s been on walkabout for a while. I served as a straight leg (emphasis on straight) grunt with the 1/11th Infantry and the 1/86th Infantry in Vietnam and as a Scout with the 1/58th Infantry at Harmony Church, Ft. Benning after my return. Not the cool kind of Scout that sneaks up on bad guys with a Randall between his teeth but the kind who usually signals the Btn Commander that the enemy is now within range by sending an enormous ball of flame into the night sky. To aid us in accomplishing our mission the Army thoughtfully equipped us with M114 Armored Recon Vehicles which, due to the fact that they were prone to exploding when encountering any hostile fire more effective than a potato gun, were perfectly suited for the task.
Fortunately the Rooskies and other assorted threats to world peace chose not to send up the balloon during that period, so I spent most of that time acting as an Aggressor for the School Brigade.

To those of you who do know me, and are bored enough (or drunk enough) to care, after the dip in our economy convinced my employer to phase out my position, I found that my skill sets in the employment market were only slightly less in demand than those of a zeppelin mechanic, and that Xeroxed pages from the DSM-IV should not be used as resumes, regardless of how accurately they fit your previous job description.
So began the hard a’starboard spiral that looked to end with me standing under a traffic light with a squeegee and a toothless smile, but fortune favors drunks, fools, and the crazy, and I scored a trifecta.
I found employment with a security company, the one occupation (save public office) in which a severe personality disorder and a casual attitude towards morality is actually an asset.
For the longest I worked part time bringing in just enough capital to enjoy the occasional luxuries, like food or heat , but eventually I managed to outlast enough of my superiors and contemporaries to find a full time contract with a client whose major requirement is to have a uniformed body to drag out of the ashes in the event the office building burns to the ground and they need someone to blame if the insurance company balks at payment.
Thus, having outlasted, or outlived, most of my creditors, I return.

In closing, having read a few of the more recent intros and finding the site to be just a bit more sensitive to rough language than when last I visited, I will eschew the customary salutation, reserving it for the areas with relaxed grooming standards, and offer a hearty, if belated:
Glad to be back!
I wanted a mission...
and for my sins they gave me one
U.S. Army '69-'73 11B20
Co B 1/11th Inf Aug '70- April '71
HHC 1/87th Inf April '71- Aug '71
HHC Scout Platoon 1/58th Inf Aug '71- Nov '73

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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Rangerguru »

Welcome back OG. Your words of wisdom(and I use that term very loosely) have been missed.
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by 42L5V »

Welcome back. Glad things are on the up for you.
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Ranger Ron »

Welcome back! As I said in the other thread, it's been a while since we had that time at RR 07. I have missed your way with words.
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Bravo57 »

Welcome back OG. Go fuck yourself
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by IEDmagnet »

Great to meet you, since I don't know you yet... I'll refrain from calling you any perverse names.

Rights reserved for later...... :lol: :lol:
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Jim »

Glad you're back, Michael. Welcome...
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by RangerTee »

Welcome back, OG.
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Buzz »

I like you, you fuunny! Welcome (again).
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by mortar_guy78 »

IEDmagnet wrote:Great to meet you, since I don't know you yet... I'll refrain from calling you any perverse names.

Rights reserved for later...... :lol: :lol:
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Ranger Bill »

Stick sround a while, Mike.
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Welcome back from another "old grunt".

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Ranger Class 10-68
2/27 Inf 25th Inf Div Vietnam 01/69-01/70

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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by Steadfast »

Welcome home OG.

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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by wellfed »

Michael, You still in georgia? cause I need my squegee and spray bottle back.... :shock:
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Re: Return of the Old Grunt

Post by cams »

Welcome back bro. Glad things are turning around for you during these tough times. It's good to have you back in the fence.
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