Whata rough DZ

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Whata rough DZ

Post by Psycho7 »

Just dropped in Some of you know me from P-net, USParatroopers and AP. Org

Ok here is the Intro

I joined DEP in April of 82

Left for OSUT Jan of 83

Graduated D-6-1 and went to main post.

Graduated Jun 3, 1983 from BAC

I was assigned to the Ranger Department as OPFOR. I DO NOT or WILL NOT EVER CLAIM RANGER STATUS

Got hurt on a jump into Camp Rudder and I was MED Dropped off of Status in OCT 83
I was re-assigned to the 25th ID C 1/5 Inf. (that place sucked ass)
ETS'd APR 85

I missed and joined the INARNG in AUG 89.

While in the guard I went to a 19D MUPS Course at Knox. in 90 (what a fucking joke)

I went back to being 11B until 93 when I decided to Reclass to 54B Ft. McClellan is hot as hell in the summer. Upon graduation I was promoted to SGT.

In April 95 I attended BNCOC at Ft. Indiantown Gap and was Honor Grad. I got my SSG in Dec of 1995.

I spent the remainder of my time as an NBC NCO at the Company and BN Levels.

I spent ten glorious months in Iraq in 2004 I was MEDEVAC'd the very end of OCT to LRMC then to WRAMC. I retired as a SSG in Dec 2006.

Schools I have attended

OSUT Ft. Benning 1983
BAC Ft. Benning 1983
PLDC Camp Ashland, NE 1990
AIT 54B Ft. McClellan 1993
BNCOC Ft. Indiantown Gap 1995
BFITC/SGL Camp Atterbury 1996

I am rated 100% disabled for PTSD, 10% for tinnitus and hearing loss, 20% for a screwed up left ankle that had to be surgically repaired. I am also diagnosed with TBI. Yes I'm pretty much a trainwreck physically but I wont quit. Great site here I know a few of you from other sites.

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Steadfast »

Welcome here Psycho7. 1st brew's on me, but your going to have to ditch that pic of Warren Oats in your sigline. We do not allow that here.

4/325 82d DIV 68-69
2nd Bde HHC (LRRP), 4 ID
K Co (Rgr), 75th Inf (Abn), 4 ID
I cooked with C- 4

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Psycho7 »

Roger over

That Guy
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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by That Guy »

Welcome Psycho7, I can see you've covered alot of ground in your career.
1/75 C Co

Hard times don't last, but hard men do.

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by IDon'tCare »

Oh Shit look who dropped in Looon. :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome SuperMax. :lol: :lol: :lol:

God damn it I typed that out loud. :wink:

Stick around and keep a thick skin here. Read the rules and you will fit in.
A co 2/75 80-84
Ranger class 12-82
SERE Instructor class 1-83

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by rgrwest »

Welcome trooper!
RC 13-87
C Co, 1-504 PIR, 84-89
B Co, 5th RTB, 89-92
A, 1-501 (ABN), 93-95
C, 2-11 INF (IOBC), 95-98
HHC, 1-509 PIR, 98-02
USASMA, 02- Instructor
OIF I - Feb 03-Jul 03 (Attached OPS SGM)
USASMA, 04 - Student
HHC, 1-30 INF, 3-3 ID, 04-06 (OPS SGM)
G3, SETAF (Vicenza, Italy) 07-09 (G3 SGM)

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by LRP1 »

Damn, Who the Hell is JM on this Chalk? Oh well, Welcome here Psycho7..Glad you crossed the street Brother.
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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Earthpig »

Welcome aboard.

Always remember: BROS BEFORE HOES.

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by smokn38 »

HHC 1/508th Panama 1989-1990
HHC and A Co 1/505th 1990-1992

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Psycho7 »

Skin as thick as kevlar.

And very well medicated.

Yeh IDK a family member did stay with us. I did help him so I had a hand in that jackassery I hope to see you across the street on the 19th.

I will obey the JM on this ride

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Zimmy »

Welcome P7

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by SkyShark »

It's all good.

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Jim »

Ranger Class 13-71
Advisor, VN 66-68 69-70
42d Vn Ranger Battalion 1969-1970
Trainer, El Salvador 86-87
Advisor, Saudi Arabian National Guard 91, 93-94
75th RRA Life Member #867

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by Black 6 »

Welcome P7
2/75 Blacksheep 92-93, 1/9 93-94
1759 society member

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You will know me by the hate I swear."-OTEP

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Re: Whata rough DZ

Post by RANGER513 »

C Co 2/75
1986 - 1992
RS Class 9-87


" The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena............ "


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