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Been absent from the site for a while now figured I would do another intro.
Last time I was on the site I was asking about transfer from the Navy to the Army.
My luck turned and I was able to secure a training spot in the SWCC( special warfare combatcraft crewmember) program. Finished up the 7 week kick in the nuts weed out portion. Now looking at a graduation date of late nov and heading to a boat team.
Back on here because a few of my instructors have been through Ranger school and Im praying once I get to my team I can request a spot to go through this training.
Also still thinking that after my enlistment I am going to go ahead and switch over to the green side.
Thanks for the good info I continually take from this site.
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Post by Steadfast »

Welcome back to onebadshot556.

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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back..
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Welcome back.
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Glad to have you back!
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