Hooah, Rangers!

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Hooah, Rangers!

Post by JediMedic »

Hello, my name is Michael and I am 25 years old. I enlisted of the 21st of July, 2005 and will ship on the 24th of August, 2005.
First off, I want to thank all of you who have served this great nation and has protected my family and I from the evil that is in this world. You all are huge, larger than life, Heros to me. Thank you.
I enlisted as a 91W, medic, and will push to serve in a combat unit. I went to MEPS wanting a 11B with option 40, but right when I was drawing up my contract I was told that I was colorblind. It was a huge blow, and I could not go Infantry, Airborne, or get option 40 on my contract. So, I took in stride and signed a 4 year contract to go medic. I still wanted to serve my country as my grandfathers before me.
A little about me, I went to college on a football schlorship and played for 3 years. I got out of the sport due to plague of injuries. I would like to finish school and have a Masters in Military Science. I have been working as retail manger of a liquor store and I got tried of my job, and decided to join up.
Thanks, I hope to learn alot from you all and this great site.

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Post by Leatherneck »

Welcome to the site. Read the rules and follow them.

A DEP will be along shortly to square you away.
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Post by Joseph PrettyDeepWater »

Welcome JediMedic

PM inbound

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Post by SkyShark »

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It's all good.
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Post by fireranger »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by Bell »

Welcome here.

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Post by Yana »

Welcome to the site
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Post by JediMedic »

Thank you all for the welcomes. I will use this website properly, with Integrity and Initiative. I look foward to the new adventure I am about to embark upon. Hooah!

Post by SmileyTFJ »

Welcome and Good Luck!
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Post by Steadfast »

Welcome :lol:


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Post by AbnRgr289 »

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Post by Warriorwife »

Welcome to the site, and Good Luck!
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Post by JarHedSolja »

Quit saying hooah. You ain't hooah yet.
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Post by VAK »

Nor have you earned the right to call yourself a medic yet...
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Post by Chiron »

Welcome and watch the mine field.
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