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I did not come up with the name but its the combination of Beef Meat Balls ( Moo) and Bacon ( Oink).

If your a practicing Muslim, probably not a good appetizer for you. Some of you had these at the Ranch over Memorial Day. This is an easy appetizer sure to please even the most discerning palete. Well, unless you are one of the aforementioned Muslims.

For the meatballs:

Easy, Sams has a bag of italian meatballs as does HEB and various other grocery stores. Usually found in the frozen food section. Buy these, quantity depends on your head count.

For the Bacon:

Any type of bacon that your like.

Assemble the Moink balls by cutting the bacon in half and wrapping this half around the meatball once thawed. Secure with a toothpick.

Place in smoker or over open flame and cook till bacon is done, how crisp you like the bacon determines how long you cook it. Just ensure the bacon is done. Just prior to serving slather with Raspberry Chipolte Sauce which is found in most supermarkets now or your favorite BBQ sauce or whatever you think folks are going to like.

These are easy appetizers to make even for the most novice griller. The ones below were on my friends open pit using pecan wood.



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Them were some tasty balls 8)
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If you can not find Raspberry Chipotle sauce you can make your own by using Tabasco Chipotle pepper sauce and raspberry preserves or any other preserves that you might like.
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