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Army Ranger Mentorship Program

This is a volunteer Mentee section and available to those with an option 40 or other Ranger contract. Others made be added at the discretion of RANGER.

Mentees added here are at will and can be released at anytime for lack of participation. If you agree to be here make the effort to get all you can out of it, If you don’t want to be here then please say so and remove yourself so we don’t waste our time.

Yes, it's VOLUNTARY, however, if you accept the tasks here stay focused and do your part or leave. The mentors here volunteer their time to help prepare you for your journey of becoming an Airborne Ranger serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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Fall Out and Fall In Around Me...

I went off on a small tangent last night that was fueled by watering eyes and maybe four or five beers. I thought about it today while at work and remembered what it was like to be in YOUR shoes, because I was once there. I am a product of practically the same generation.

I think. I just turned 25, I left 3rd Ranger Battalion approximately nine months ago. I have had enough time on my hands to get on here and look back.. but I certainly don't have enough time to mentor one of you young bucks, although I wish I did.

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