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    The Army's Premier Raid Force. The 75th Ranger Regiment is continuously looking for energetic and highly motivated individuals to fill its ranks.

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    Ranger Training Brigade. The Ranger Training Brigade conducts the Ranger Course in order to produce Rangers to fill coded positions within the units whose primary mission is to close with and destroy the enemy in direct fire battle.

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  • 75th Ranger Regiment The Army's Premier Raid Force

    The 75th Ranger Regiment is a unique special operations force comprised of specially selected and well trained soldiers constantly tested for the privilege of serving in our Regiment. This four-time volunteer force provides the nation a ranger of capabilities not found in any other special operations or conventional force. Conducting large-scale joint forcible entry operations while simultaneously executing surgical special operations raids across the globe.

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Army Ranger Verification

The following is the SOP used by ArmyRanger.com to verify the service of others as Rangers although not all inclusive. It is what is required to be followed in order to authenticate a person as a Ranger on this board.

ArmyRanger.com maintains verification records of all those who have successfully been through this process. Only those members of the separate Bn groups will have access to in-process records and once approved, idle for too long, etc... the record is moved to verification archives where only admins and separate Bn moderators have 'read access' - not 'write/edit access' of those records.

Any Ranger member of ArmyRanger.com can ask to reopen the case on anyone else who has 'Ranger' by their name, simply ask an admin and said individuals verification file will be moved back to the 'In Process' area for re-examination.

1. 'Verification Team': Start a thread with the person's username indicating that you are sending a 'welcome packet' (See attachment below) and send the portion below that is a quoted block - the 'Welcome/Verification Packet' to the new prospective Ranger Member.

2. 'Verificaton Reply': Post the received credentials. NOBODY gets verified on this board without completing the verification packet, thus there is no need to reply to this thread BEFORE the verification reply is returned.

3. 'ALL Members' - Reply as appropriate: "I served with the Ranger, remember him well and this is him" = Golden Standard, instant access to appropriate areas - Mojo, R&B, Bn private area, photo hosting service, MM photo gallery and also Verifications. "I have talked to and asked the Ranger many questions. I am 100% sure he is G2G, although I do not personally know him" = Not Golden, but still good to go - requires a 24 hour wait and then access to appropriate areas - Mojo, R&B, Bn private area, photo hosting service, MM photo gallery and also verifications.

The latter scenario gives anyone who is not comfortable with the verification time to ask the person who said he was G2G a few questions about his verification and put a halt on if he feels additional questions are merited. If nothing is said, the Ranger comes in after the 24 hour wait. If situation 1 or 2 is not arrived at, the person stays in limbo (inprocessing status).

4. 'Verification Team' will formulate consensus based on member input, add to private groups, change username Title as necessary. Important Note: Remember - Many Rangers will continue to, or resume, working in positions of risk. No one needs to know what their real names are, except other Rangers and only because we want to know with whom we are exchanging information.

All information that is posted in this area should stay in this area.Attachment: Welcome/Verification Packet: (Document Needs to be created for online submission

- Current Document Below)

"Greetings: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the ArmyRanger.com forums.

Chances are, you will find old friends here and hopefully will make some new ones. As one of the Moderators of the site, one of my duties is verifying Ranger status on new members. It is unfortunate that we must conduct verifications, but these days in order to maintain site security and integrity, we must validate every Ranger. This request is standard and not specifically in response to anything you've said on the site, other than you've identified yourself as a Ranger. As you are probably aware, in the cyber-world of the internet there are many posers who claim Ranger status to gain false respect from others. It is because of this that I am asking you to provide us with some proof of your Ranger status. Please do not take it as a personal assault on your character or reputation, but more as a necessary step towards keeping our site clean. Every Ranger on this site has had to run through this gauntlet to gain entry into our secure rooms. Our policy is that we allow ten days for those who are civilians to accomplish this task, and thirty days for those who are on Active Duty or working as overseas contractors.

Please send me as much of the following information as possible. I can assure you that the information will not be displayed in a public forum. It will be posted in a secure private room, where validated Rangers on this board will be allowed to view it and positively ID you as a Ranger, either by your name, or information posted. The more information you provide, the easier and more quickly we can accomplish this task. Hopefully, a Ranger on this site will know you or be able to verify your status.

Following a positive verfication, you will be: -- Invited into "Mojo Mayhem" (secure Rangers only area - and a few other esteemed veterans) -- Invited to a private area for your Ranger Bn. -- Post and view photos in the free ArmyRanger.com online image hosting service for verified Rangers. -- Have your site rank changed to read 'Ranger'.

Please PM me with the following, if possible:
- Your name. - Rank (at time of discharge, if prior service).
- Date you went through RIP. - Name of several of your RIP Instructors
- Unit information and dates in Battalion (if applicable).
- Ranger School Class # (if applicable).
- Chain of Command, especially squad leaders, PSG and 1SG.
- Destination and approximate dates of deployments.
- Names of guys you remember serving with (someone already on ArmyRanger.com may recall these names, or use one to confirm your Ranger status).
- We also would like a photo of you in uniform either with scroll/tab visible or clearly in the Bn area.

Every member with 'Ranger' under his username has complied with these standards. You might be contacted for additional information. When you have been validated, the additional forums mentioned above will appear on your site index page. The Mayhem and the other secure sites only appear on the screens of those who have access to them.

Thanks for your cooperation and again, welcome to ArmyRanger.com. RLTW! "


General Acceptance and Area Use Guidelines:
Ranger Verification is a private forum. It is visible to members in the Ranger Verification usergroup and in each of the Battalion usergroups. Members of the Major Mayhem usergroup cannot see this forum.

1. Rangers - Ranger Bn Private Groups and Major Mayhem: Credentials should dictate who is admitted to the private areas and NOT popularity contests. Also, they should make a few posts that show if they are someone we would not mind regularly communicating observations that many of us do not share with the general population around us.

2. Withdrawal from Bn Groups and Major Mayhem: Just as there is general consensus to admit new Ranger and Non-Rangers to either of these areas, those decisions can later be reversed by general consensus if someone is overly disruptive, make posts not well based in reality or that reflect poorly on the board and/or Ranger Community.

This is in accordance with the existing Community Standards of this board.

last updated: 09/08/2017

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