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Fall Out and Fall In Around Me...

I went off on a small tangent last night that was fueled by watering eyes and maybe four or five beers. I thought about it today while at work and remembered what it was like to be in YOUR shoes, because I was once there. I am a product of practically the same generation.

I think. I just turned 25, I left 3rd Ranger Battalion approximately nine months ago. I have had enough time on my hands to get on here and look back.. but I certainly don't have enough time to mentor one of you young bucks, although I wish I did.


Now, when I said I remember what it was like to be in your shoes, I do. I was not one of these HARDENED AMERICAN HEROES on this board from days of old, (and I say that with the most respect a man can hold in his heart, period.) I was YOU. I stumbled across this website. I asked questions that had already been asked, and got pretty much shaven down to a toothpick for it. Ranger Spartan, may god rest his soul, practically gave me a sucking chest wound, numerous times, some I thought warranted, some just because thats the way he addressed us! The only thing that separates you from me (as in from the beginning... haha I got my shit) is that did not have this FREE and SELFLESS mentor program that you all are so blessed to have today. They answered questions, they bitched us out, they told us.. REPORT BACK EVEN THOUGH NOONE DOES!!! I actually did!! buut it was few and far between.. and the reason for that is something I will explain shortly.

I perused the stickies on this board about the mentorship program, and my friends... if you do not take FULL advantage of this YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SHORT!! I can remember the natural high I had just by reading these guys stories and the envy I felt because I WASNT THERE... I DIDNT HAVE THOSE STORIES!! I also remember the absolute fear I had when I was signed up.. in the DEP program.. and had that shadow of doubt that something was going to go wrong.. something was going to happen.. I might not make it.. I am not one of these natural athletes! I had the same feelings that I am sure at least a few of you share!

So, without further a do.. I am going to post a few replies to this about MY experiences that I know if were told to me I would have probably printed out and prayed to at night.

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