Introduction- Zach

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Introduction- Zach

Post by zbyrne11 »

Hello Rangers, first of all thank you for your service and sacrifice. My names Zach, I just graduated high school yesterday, I currently do not have a job for two reasons. One I live on a farm and I really do like to be around to do the work and I also have no real need for money at this point in time and my time would be a lot better spent running and rucking.

The reason I’m here is to simply further my knowledge surrounding the 75th Ranger Regiment for I am very interested In earning my way in.
I am very confident in my physical ability except running and I ain’t no quitter so that’s changing.

I’m enlisting as an 11x, there were no option 40 contracts available but I decided that I have no problem with working harder to stand out at OSUT and get myself a slot.

I’m greatly looking forward to serving in the United States Army and I’m damn sure I won’t accept anything less than my goal of being an Army Ranger.

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Re: Introduction- Zach

Post by IntelToad »

Welcome here Zach. There's a lot of information here for those that want to use it.

Have you actually signed the paperwork and enlisted ? If you haven't, and want an Option 40, you should hold out until you get what you want.
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Re: Introduction- Zach

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Welcome to the site, Zach.

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Re: Introduction- Zach

Post by wombat84 »


I was gonna get a Ranger contract when I was still 18. I wussed out in accepting it because I knew that you had to be physically fit. I became a Chemical Operations Specialist. If you get a Ranger contract for Rasp I can’t help you there. Yet if you’re gonna go through basic, it demands patience, all around strength and the ability to mitigate stress or pain. My weakest point was always the running. It takes your own self observation and research to figure out why you cannot run when you can. It took me three to four years in the military to get a PT patch where you score over 320. That is all mental. It is just up to you to find your motivation to get to that top physical performance.
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Re: Introduction- Zach

Post by Disinfertention »

Zach, I have given you access to our Mentoring Zone. Please check it out and join our Discord. Post here often. Let me know if you have any questions.
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