Introduction - Arnold

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Introduction - Arnold

Post by arn108 »

Hello everybody,

My name is Arnold and I'll be 32 in January 2021. I posted here in 2009 and got great advice which inspired me to finish college strongly. My hardest semester resulted in my highest GPA. I used inspiration from Ranger Dolan and others who helped me to hold myself to high standards. Then, like any genius with a college degree does, I got a job in a restaurant and dedicated my life to martial arts. Somehow I bumbled into an ivy league managerial position, and I'm currently working on my masters in computer engineering. None of this is a career goal, it's all "might as well..." stuff. I am inspired immensely to enlist, and to enlist as 11x. After learning as much as I can, I do not like the ambiguity of job assignment for Officers. I am also certain that RASPII and Regiment would select for prior enlisted.

I want to serve and protect my community. I am not sure if Opt 40 is something I could look at. My best friend is 18D at 33, though he was a Marine at 18 and a contractor in between. I don't talk to him much and he's always busy training but I have more respect for him that he could know!

Thank you!

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Re: Introduction - Arnold

Post by IntelToad »

Welcome back Arnold. Sounds like you've had an interesting career path to this point. With your background in computers, you may want to consider some of the cyber and intel jobs in Regiment as well as 11x.
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