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Re: SITREP- Avonte

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To all Rangers,

I just got the news yesterday that I will be going to the 25thID PRP (Pre-Ranger Program, the equivalent to the 75th SURT) which is approximately 3 weeks long and if I pass that I will be going to Fort Benning for Ranger School.

I was originally told that I was going at the end of This month, but that was changed to the end of April. And I’m not going to lie I’m intimidated and terrified but at the same time couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to attend Ranger School. Because even if I never get the opportunity to go back to selection at the very least I will have in my opinion the most important accolade that a person can earn in their career and with that I’ll be more confident leading soldiers in the future one day no matter what unit I’m at.

I know it’s probably a not great idea to look at statistics for things but I couldn’t help but notice the reason why people failed. 60% due to RAP week, 30% is people quitting. 7% is a things such as patrols and peer evaluations. 75% of all people that make it to Darby end up moving on to mountain, and 94% of all people that make it to mountain end up moving on to Florida. Statistically 98% of all people who start Florida phase end up graduating the School.

Not like that means anything for me yet though as I still need to actually make it to Ranger School, and once I get there I need to make it past each of these phases. Extremely excited to share the news and definitely ready to make use of this time before I start.
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Re: SITREP- Avonte

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Good luck, stay focused. Make sure you pay attention to detail and do the work
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