Questions on training programs/Prep for RASP

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Questions on training programs/Prep for RASP

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Hello Rangers,

My names Eli, currently 21 years old, and enlisted in the NG a year ago while I complete college. Currently I'm looking for any tips and advice I can get in terms of preparation for RASP/Ranger school. (I understand they're not the same thing). I received a workout plan that was recommended to me from someone that claimed to be prior 75th [Admin Delete]. I'm currently in a predicament however not knowing if I should keep on focusing on lifting weights, or doing more body weight exercises and switching workout plans. Right after Basic I did this plan for 3 to 4 months, and tracked myself eating 3400 calories a day, and gained about 10 lbs in that time frame. However its been hard for me to keep up with that calorie count just in terms of expenses for groceries. Currently I'm 6,2" and weigh 175lbs. My main question then, even if I'm not hitting that 3400 calorie count a day/sufficient protein, will I still get stronger going to the gym everyday or will I be hurting myself in the long term? Apologize if these are stupid questions, and if these have been answered in the past. Appreciate any input.

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Re: Questions on training programs/Prep for RASP

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Grompa wrote: March 25th, 2023, 9:20 pm Hello Rangers,

My names Eli
I deleted your link for the simple fact that... I don' think any of us would endorse a paid thing to prep for RASP. I think that many areas of the Vet community prey on people who want to know how to get better. If you want to get better, educate yourself. You don't have to pay someone.

The fitness things these places look for are not unique other than swimming. Be fit. Or get fit. I wasn't fit before I joined, I got fit in the span of my enlistment pre-RIP. Does that mean you can show up like me out of shape? I dunno, I did sports and it was a reset. Can you walk off the street doing nothing but reading a computer screen? You can. But are you built for the challenge? Do you want to ask yourself if you want to quit when you wake up? I did. I still do. And quitting was and is never an option.

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