PTSD Its ok to ask for help

Caring for the warriors: How medics contribute to mission accomplishment.
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PTSD Its ok to ask for help

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Hello, just wanted to post as I am trying to make amends to myself and I remembered a long time ago I came to this website because it has great leaders and mentors. I recently got out and am continuing therapy for alcoholism and PTSD. I have help in the VA and they are doing a great job at least from my experience from 2019 to today. I had 5 deployments with 2nd Batt from 05 to 2009 and I never got help to process myself which was my fault. I got a position in the WTU in 2017 at Ft. Lewis as a Liaison helping wounded warriors transition into the VA care system and all my soldiers were telling me I needed help. So I took their advice which was great. I was medically discharged in 2019 and have been seeing therapy ever since. I think I am posting to say that it is never to late to deal with some anger, sadness, depression or any other things that are bothering you. The VA has a good system now a days and if anyone needs some guidance you can PM me and I can point you in the right direction. The VA has a lot to offer and its never to late to put in a claim even if you were a strong Ranger with no medical docs.

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