Prior service who wants to become a Ranger Medic

Questions and Answers about obtaining an Option 40 Contract and other routes to serving as a Ranger in the US Army.
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Prior service who wants to become a Ranger Medic

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I’m a 32 year old prior service Army guy with a 9 year break in service. I left active duty as an 23 year old, E-5 airborne qualified kid. Since I’ve been out I used up my GI Bill on four years of college and received a degree in Forestry and a certificate in outdoor leadership which was mountaineering and backcountry travel instructor certs. I currently work as a wildland firefighter. I’ve been on a Hotshot crew for 5 years and a helicopter rappeller for 3. I love the challenge of this career and autonomy of the work work. It’s a very high physical standard since we pack our gear off these fires (100-140lbs for miles up and down mountains at 10,000’) after working for 16 hours a day. I became an EMT as a collateral duty to help out my bros knowing full well it’s an extra skill I have to keep up on my own time. I fell in love with the medical side and stepped up to become a Medical Unit Leader for big wildfire incidents around the US which puts me in charge of 20-30 medics at any given time. I worked my way up to the EMS Coordinator for 13 states to help create a medical standard that Wildland Fire has never had. During this process I started researching what the Rangers medical standards are and how they have created their own minimum standard for everyone based out of necessity. The more I read on the 75th made me realize that this group is something I want to be a part of. I started the paperwork for a 68W contract to renter active duty with the hope of finding a way to get a chance to attend RASP. I can’t get an option 40 contract as prior service. I spoke with the 75th Ranger recruiter and he said when I’m at AIT to just give him a shout and he’ll send someone out. My main questions for anyone willing to help are:

What books do you recommend I get to start studying the history of the 75th Ranger Regiment?

Does anyone have updated information on the need for medics?

Have you heard of prior service folks getting a spot for RASP in AIT?

Any information you guys have on how I can prepare while I’m going through basic and AIT again would be a huge help. Anything like books and additional threads would great.

I’m sure my grammar is messed up so feel free to rag on me hahahaahaha.

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Re: Prior service who wants to become a Ranger Medic

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if you go this route, study your ass off and max out your academics regardless of how well you may know the material, and PT your ass off on your own time. if you get a contract, you'll be going from what I assume is a sedentary classroom setting with some slow field time into the fire when you go into Pre-RASP/RASP.

if you don't get a contract, push for Flight Paramedic and save yourself some pain of doing intake/paperwork at a clinic, or worse, a hospital.
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