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Welcome to ArmyRanger.Com!

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Welcome to ArmyRanger.com.

This is not a typical message board or MySpace or FaceBook. It is owned and operated by Army Rangers for Army Rangers and the Ranger Community. The Ranger members of this site are men who have been there and done that, and are serving or have served our country as Army Rangers. They represent a Brotherhood with combat experience gained in conflicts in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Panama, Grenada and Vietnam.

Becoming a Ranger is not for everyone and neither is ArmyRanger.com. As a new member, please do yourself a favor and take the time to read all the FAQs and stickies in each forum before posting. The Rangers demand that all the rules of this site be followed. <strong>Your very first post needs to be an introduction in the proper intro area.</strong>

If you are a Future Soldier, there is a wealth of information on this site that will make your journey much easier, should you choose to research it. Virtually every question you may have has been asked and answered here. Read the posts in these forums: About OSUT, About Airborne School, About RIP, About Ranger School, About Army Physical Training and Letters From School. Use the search feature of this site to look for the answers to your questions. Follow the rules and you will find this place is a great source of help and information for you on your road to joining the Army and becoming a Ranger.

If you are a civilian patriot who supports the Ranger Community, we thank you for your support and invite you to respectfully take part in the discussions.

If you are a parent or spouse of a Ranger, you will find a network of people here who are in the same boat that you are. They will be able to listen, offer advice, answer questions, and generally assist you through your Ranger family experience.

If you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces, we thank you for your service and welcome you to our little corner of the internet. We have members from every branch of service from this country, as well as many countries abroad.

If you are a Ranger, we’re glad that you found us. You are what this site is all about. Chances are, there are men you served with on this site, who will be eager to hear from you. Our Ranger population currently extends from those who served in RVN clear up to those who are currently serving.

In order to be considered a Ranger on this site, you must be on active duty in the 75th Ranger Regiment, have served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, successfully graduated US Army Ranger School, or have served in a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol / Long Range Patrol/ Ranger Company in Vietnam. In any of these cases, you must have received an Honorable Discharge (assuming that you are no longer active duty). *We do validate every single Ranger on this board.*

Here are links to some important notices you will need to read:
FAQ's/Rules: RULES

After you read the rules and the FAQ's, please make your first order of business by making an introduction in the appropriate area, and we’ll see you on the boards.

ArmyRanger.Com Admin Team
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