Interesting twist on Airborne ops

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Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by RangerX »

C Co 3/75 88-90 (Just Cause)
124 MI(LRSD) 90-91 (Desert Storm)

Repeal the 16th, enforce the 10th.


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Re: Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Nice post, X.

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B /1/504 82nd Abn 69 - 70
C co (Ranger) 75th (Abn) Inf, II Corps Rangers, 70 - 71 Viet Nam
12th SFG (A) 76 - 78
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Re: Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by KW Driver »

That is insanely awesome. I wouldn't sign that risk assessment
A Co & HHC 3/75 '93-'98.
RS 10-94.

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Re: Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by Ranger Ron »

That's pretty cool!
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RS 3-70
SSG VN 69-70
I Co., 75th. Inf.
4/9 Inf., 25th ID

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Re: Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by judeisnotobscure »

class 6-05
82nd 1/325 9-02 to 9-06
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Re: Interesting twist on Airborne ops

Post by Grifter »

Jan 00-Dec 03
1/75th C-2 / HHC SNOT.
RS Class 06-01
Black to Tan Change-over Ranger
MI Glenn English Base of USARA
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