I see all you lurkers!

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I see all you lurkers!

Post by xray »

I see all you lurkers out there trying to recon and get a little intel on ArmyRanger.com. Don't be shy make an introduction, say hello.

For the those of you that are already registered, What's the good word of the day???

I know TAB CHECK! seems like its been awhile!
A co. 2/75 93-96
RS 08-94
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by Lefty »

Yeah, I lurk for opportunities to throw in a snide comment here and there, plus I watch to see who else might show up.

(sigh) 13-70, as if nobody knew that already.
SFOC 1969
6th SFG(A) 69-70
Ranger Class 13-70
MACV Tm 21 70-71 (2nd ARVN Ranger Gp 23d
2/13 Armor 1st Cav 71-72

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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by GTP »

Yep, it has been awhile--7-72.

RS 7-72

US Army Infantry Jun 71 - Jan 81
United States Army Ranger Association
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by Jim »

Indeed it has been a while. 13-71. Lean and mean Ranger thirteen!
Ranger Class 13-71
Advisor, VN 66-68 69-70
42d Vn Ranger Battalion 1969-1970
Trainer, El Salvador 86-87
Advisor, Saudi Arabian National Guard 91, 93-94
75th RRA Life Member #867
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by fatboy »

Cousin Eddie voice on " real niiiiiice ambush Clark" Cousin Eddie voice off

7 and 8-01 because I enjoyed the misery that was Camp Rudder in the summer so much that I stuck around for a second trip or three on the Yellow river.
RS 07 and 08-01 (I took the long tour in Florida)

1-508 ABCT
101st Pathfinder DS1
Iraqi Freedom 03-04, 05-06, 07-08
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by centermass »

Ate Atie-won Jr......

RS 8-81
Mentor to Rock2/75
US Army Retired 1977-1999

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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by KW Driver »

A Co & HHC 3/75 '93-'98.
RS 10-94.

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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

10-68 I'm getting to old for this shit. 50th anniversary in three years.

Active service 01/67-12/73
Ranger Class 10-68
2/27 Inf 25th Inf Div Vietnam 01/69-01/70

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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by rangerjd »

8-82 some of you Rangers make me feel young. :lol:
Ranger Class 8-82
C Co 2/75 80-83-HCMTC 83-85
Drill Sgt 85-87-Sapper Instructor 87-89
A Co 2/75 89-90-G3 I Corps 90-91
I Corps LRSC 91-93-7th RTB RI 94-95
Retired 95
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by TheREMF »

Damn it! Elevating feet and pushing.
HHC 2/75th 92-94

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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by Disinfertention »

rangerjd wrote:8-82 some of you Rangers make me feel young. :lol:
09-04... Fuck you on feeling young.
HHC 2/75 2012-2015
HHC & Cco 1/75 2010-2012
OCS Cadre 2007-2010
Cco 3/75 2003-2007
Ranger School 09 - 04
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by PocketKings »

01-00. Walked right into that one.
RS 01-00
82d (1-325 AIR) 99-00
101st (2-502d IN) 00-03
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by ManchuV »

2-93, I don't let age slow me down, or stop me; it motivates me.

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B Co 3/75 (2nd PLT) 1986
JSA-JSF 3rd PLT (Korea) 1987-1989
B Co 1/5 (M) INF (Korea)1989 - 1990
B Co 3/9 (Manchus) 1990 - 1995
Ranger Class 2-93
NCO Academy HI 1995 - 1999
NYARNG Recruiting and Retention CMD/ Brooklyn MEPS 1999 - 2007
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by Buzz »

This years class 4 is about half completed.

2nd squad-1st plt-C 2/75 77-78
RS 4-78

The way I became a Ranger and have earned the small amount of success I have had in life has been mostly due to one quality - determination. Lefty.
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Re: I see all you lurkers!

Post by Roster#253 »

8-00...I think there might be a couple of us from that class hanging out here.
RGR Class 8-00
82nd ABN (2nd BCT) 2000-2003 / OIF I
-CO FSO (C/2-325th AIR)
-PL/XO (B/2-319th AFAR)
-RSO (HSB/2-319th AFAR)
-BN FDO (2-319th AFAR)
Vet Center Readjustment Counselor (NJ)
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