A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

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A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by centermass »

The Four Winds Restaurant, famed for its loaded Ranger Burger, will close its doors Saturday after a 35-year run.

Susan Cox, who launched the Cusseta, Ga., eatery in 1979 with her husband, Donald, moving to the current location in 1992, confirmed Friday that Four Winds has lost its tenant, with Saturday the last day.

But Cox hopes that won’t be the final chapter for the popular restaurant that developed a bond with the military through the years, serving everyone from Army privates to decorated generals. The eatery is located at 464 Georgia Hwy. 26, not far from Fort Benning’s southern border.

“I’m going to continue to try to get somebody in there. I don’t know which one will come first. I’ll either sell it and be done with it or lease it,” said Cox, who lives behind the 7,545-square-foot restaurant that she and Donald — who passed away suddenly in July 2013 — constructed from 1986 until 1992, with the help of Army Rangers on their days off.

It had become a tradition of sorts for Army Rangers to wolf down a Ranger Burger as part of their transition into the Special Forces ranks. It featured two 8-ounce ground beef patties, two slices of cheese, two strips of bacon on a large bun, served with fries and iced tea.

There also was the “Ranger Challenge,” with customers offered the chance to devour an 86-ounce steak, one-pound basket of fries, side salad, roll and beverage in 45 minutes. If they accomplished that stomach-stretching feat, the feast was free.

“I started that,” said Cox, who couldn't recall how many diners were successful. “It’s huge. It scared me for them to do it.”


Anyone who's ever been to Mother Benning knows this joint. After all these years, it's sad to see it go.
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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

centermass wrote:Anyone who's ever been to Mother Benning knows this joint. After all these years, it's sad to see it go.
Only if you young enough or have made a recent visit.

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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Yep, it's sad . . .It's been there a long time. A good place to get a burger.

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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by Sleepy Doc »

I'm actually surprised they lasted this long. It is a shit location, and the rest of their chow is just so-so at best. Back when they opened in '79 Benning was a very different place, and Harmony Church was a bee-hive of activity. I didn't realize how isolated 4th RTB was till I worked there, so it would make sense to go to 4 Winds. It is 1/3 the distance to main post. Kinda tough to keep your doors open on just one menu item. If they didn't own the bricks they would have closed up long ago.

I wouldn't worry to much, though. Considering the Subway's on main post have a "Ranger Sub" (foot-long club, with everything, extra cheese, double meat, and bacon) I figure somebody in town is going to continue the Legacy.

Hell, as long as the name isn't copyrighted, I'll talk to my friend who owns Ruth Ann's on Vet's Parkway. She was always good to us, and takes care of those in uniform. I'm sure she would be proud to have the "Ranger Burger" on her menu.
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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by rangerjd »

Does it mean you're getting old when all your favorite Restaurants are either closed or closing. Last time I was back there was in 94 or 95, they sure made a good hamburger. Will be missed.
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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by Lefty »

No, it means you're old when the place didn't even open until almost 20 years AFTER you were in the AO.
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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by Jim »

Looks like the four winds will be sold but remain open under new management:

http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/12/ ... /100/&rh=1
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Re: A Ranger Icon Is Closing Its Doors

Post by PocketKings »

I went one time and waited 45 minutes for my food, which never even arrived.

So, from my standpoint, no real loss.
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