I met a Hero Thursday night.

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I met a Hero Thursday night.

Post by SkyShark »

This past Thursday I went to a "Celebration of Life" for a friend of mine. His name was Colonel Alex Woods. He did Jan 13 in a car accident here in town. He was Paratrooper. During the mid 60's he transitioned to an Officer and became a Chopper Pilot with 2 tours in Viet Nam. Flew for 1st Cav under Col Moore. After retiring from the Army he was very active with JROTC. Since 1992 he was the Director and Commander of all JROTC programs here in Northern Nevada. He was also my friend. He and I had many drinks together at the VFW hall as well as ABN Association meetings and get togethers.

Anyway, at his "Celebration of Life" there were many speakers. the Governor was there as well as representatives from Sen. Reids and Ensigns offices. (Yes Harry Reid is my Senator) :x .

One of the speakers though was a WWII Vet. Each and every speaker was introduced. However when the WWII Vet was introduced he was given a Standing Ovation. BTW there was approx 500 people at this "event" The Ovation lasted a few minutes. It was very touching.

After the whole thing was done there was a reception. I had taken my wife and son to this with me. During the resecption, I noticed the WWII vet standing by himself. I took my son over to him. My son asked where we were going and I told him, I want you to meet a hero. I introduced myself and my son to the man and he was very nice. We talked for a while. Tuerns out he was one of the MP's that was at the Nuremburg Trials and escorted high ranking German officials to their hangings. Truly a very nice night. I also introduced my son to the Governor of the State (also a Veteran) who served in Gulf 1. Also met a Brig. General. The best part of the night though was having my son meet a hero. I just wish it was under different circumstances.

Rest in Peace Alex. You will be missed my friend.
It's all good.

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Re: I met a Hero Thursday night.

Post by Dangit »

I agree, good on you for making that connection and introducing your son to a WWII vet.

My dad was a WWII vet who was at the Battle of the Bulge among other places. My son who is currently at 3rd Batt was born about 3 months before my dad passed.

I've always wished my dad had lived to see the man my son became, and that my son had gotten to know the man his granddad was.....
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Re: I met a Hero Thursday night.

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Great job Dad!! You are also a hero.
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Re: I met a Hero Thursday night.

Post by Earthpig »

Cool story, Brother. 8)

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