Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by petesmom »

While googling my son, ARMY RANGER PETE NEVES, I came across all of these wonderful words of admiration and appreciation for Pete. i just wanted to send my own words of appreciation to all of the rangers for their words of comfort for his family on that bleak day when a bright light of our family was diminished. Words can't describe the loss of a child, whether young or old. He spent much of his youth behind the scenes of the Sacramento Zoo where he learned to appreciate the diversity of nature. He was a gifted student who attended special classes for the gifted. We went back packing in Desolation Valley where we camped, hiked and fished. He was a very kind, thoughtful and attentive son and grandson and i'm so thankful that his grandparents and father did not have to live through that sad sad day. He never complained about what he had to endure for so long. The worst he would come up with is "Not having a good day, mom"

Yes, he had a wicked sense of humor, was mischievious, and was as stubborn as the day is long. One day in elementary school, he placed a plastic realistic molded piece of vomit on his desk, told the teacher he didn't feel well, causing the janitor to be pulled away from what he was doing to come clean it up. When the principle learned of it, he called pete into his office and asked him if he thought that was pretty funny. Pete sheepishly told him yes and the principle told him next time a kid threw up in the classroom, they would call Pete, instead of the jantor, to come clean it up and he did.

I still have fond memories of so many of his ranger buddies, especially russ bryant, bugsy and jason.

Following the memorial for the Rangers, there was an additional family memorial for Pete in California attended by 33 of his relatives where we chartered a boat and dispersed some of his hair clippings into the ocean, followed by a family reception in San Luis Obispo.

A place is still set for him at my holiday table, not to mention a small Christmas tree in my window, as well as my Day of the Dead altar, his birthday and Memorial Day. While he is gone, he is remembered every day of my life and will be until that happy day when i join him.

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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by centermass »

Even though he is no longer here, he is still with us. Welcome Mom.

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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by K.Ingraham »

Welcome Ma'am. Pete is missed. He left an important legacy here.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Lunch »

Welcome Mom- it's an honor to have you here.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Zonk 1/75 »

Hey Mom,

Me and Pete went to Ranger School together.

Had the pleasure to meet you on at least one of my trips to visit with Pete. You are truly one source of Pete’s rascalness…..

Hope you are doing well 8)
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by GoldCoast »

Welcome here. Thanks for Pete while we had him.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Earthpig »

Very honored that you stopped by, Ma'am. Pete did a wonderful thing for the Ranger Community when he built this site. He is missed. Please pass on my regards to Marie.

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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Jim »

We share your loss. Godspeed.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Ranger Ron »

Thanks for coming here Ma'am. You honor us with your presence! We will be ever thankful to Pete for what he gave us.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Rest in Peace, Ranger.

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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Kahuna22 »

See ya at the Objective Rally Point, Brother.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by roadtheshortbus »

Mom, for the last three years a group of Rangers that served with Pete toast him (a lot).... The Mi. link-up also toasted him. Without Pete, some Brothers may have never met.

He did good.

RIP Brother

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