Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

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Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by Earthpig »

Since this site is built up of several sub-communities (DEPs, Civilians, Veterans, Rangers, Parents, etc), it is probably prudent to post this where all of you can read it.

Ranger Peter Neves (User Name: Spartan), who founded this site in December of 2002, passed away at home yesterday evening. Ranger Neves had been battling cancer for a long time. He is survived by his wife of 21 years and their daughter.

Ranger Neves served in 2nd Platoon, B Co, 2/75 from 1984-1987. Pete graduated Ranger School in Class #12/85. While in 2nd Ranger Bn, he served as a rifleman, AG, Machinegunner, went to HHC to work as the Bn Cdrs Driver/RTO (LTC Jefferey J. Ellis and CSM Leon-Geurerro), then returned to be a Team Leader. Pete departed as a SGT to the Q Course, where he graduated as an 18C. He later served in 2nd Bn, 1st SFG in the S-4 Shop. Pete also worked as a contractor in Iraq for Cochise Consultancy.

Ranger Neves, thanks for having the vision to build this site and for allowing it to evolve into what it is today. Rest In Peace, Amigo.

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Post by Ranger Ron »

Thanks Bob for getting the word out so well.

RIP, Ranger!

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Post by CloakAndDagger »

RIP, Ranger!

Prayers out to Ranger Spartan's family.
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Post by SkyShark »

I'll miss you Pete. Thanks for everything you and I have shared over that past 10 years. You were my friend and I will miss you a lot.

Rest Easy
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Post by lazydiva »

RIP, Spartan.
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Post by Boudicca »

Very sorry to hear. Rest easy, Ranger Spartan. My condolences to his family.
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Re: Ranger Neves (ArmyRanger.Com Founder) passed away

Post by RTO »

EarthPig wrote:
Ranger Neves, thanks for having the vision to build this site and for allowing it to evolve into what it is today. Rest In Peace, Amigo.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Post by Charlie 51 »

Goodbye Pete

Rest In Peace Ranger brother
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Post by TC204 »

Rest In Peace and my condolences to his family.
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Post by ANGRYCivilian »

Damn. I didn't really know Ranger Spartan; but, it feels like someone I knew is now gone.

RIP, Ranger Spartan.
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Post by ChipOnShoulder »

RIP Brother.
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Post by Julieanne »

Wow. So sad to hear this, bittersweet news for sure.

Rest Peacefully, Pete.

Many condolences to Marie and Leslie.
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Post by Towedjmpr »


RIP Warrior.
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Post by Taylor »

RIP Sir, best wishes to the family as well.
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Post by hit_it »

RIP, Brother. You will be missed.
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