DEP Posting Rules

An area to disuss Special Operations Training. Do not violate OPSEC
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DEP Posting Rules

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Here are the rules:

The following are NOT allowed:

1. Posts you think are "informative." There is no amount of Google-Fu that is going to make you privy any information that those who this forum is intended for do not know already.

2. Questions that have been mentioned at any point previously on this website, or any other publicly available source. In other words, it better be a pretty doggone impressive question.

The real deal is, you DEPs have enough forums on this site to pollute. Don't do it here. You're lucky enough that it's in the open and available for you to read. Keep fucking around and making goofball posts like the two I locked tonight, and we'll just make this shit private and you'll fuck all your buddies.

Any flagrant violations of the two rules above will be referred to an Admin.
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