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Ranger Bill
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1 Out Of 435

Post by Ranger Bill »

There are 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives – currently 236 Democrats and 199 Republicans. Of the 407 incumbents seeking re-election in 2006, 383 or 94% of them were re-elected. It will probably be about the same this year. In fact, only one incumbent running for re-election this year faces a challenger in their party’s primary. Same old same old.

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Post by DixieRat »

Precisely the problem with our governemnt. We have politicians instead of statesmen running our country.
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Post by Disinfertention »

At least we can expect lots of change in the next two years then if what you say is true!

I love change

Maybe if I say it a few hundred more times someone will elect me...


Edit - Wow, I just went to Obama.com and saw the first 10 seconds of his video... I got totally creeped out...
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Post by ChipOnShoulder »

Unfortunately, political office has turned into a proffession rather than remaining a burden as it has in the past. I have no idea when this evolution took place.
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Triple Canopy
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Post by rgrokelley »

Its interesting that all these well paid represenatives are about to go on vacation for two months, while leaving quite a few problems. Primarily the problem of whether or not to drill in areas of our own country.

Pelosi calls the concept of drilling to lower gas prices a hoax and states she will not even allow a vote because she is going to save the planet.

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