USASOC remembers fallen heroes

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USASOC remembers fallen heroes

Post by Ops NCO »

I had to email my old team leader Doug Pallister and give him some grief for not letting me know he'd be at Bragg. Told him next time he dropped by I'd drive over and make fun of his grey hair (...and mine).

I'm planning to take my son to Bragg next year and will definitely want to pay my respects at the Memorial Wall.

Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Pallister, 75th Ranger Regiment Command Sergeant Major, reads off the names of the Rangers that were killed in action during the past year. During the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Memorialization Ceremony held on Fort Bragg, N.C. May 28, 29 new names were added to the Memorial Wall.

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Post by RTO »

Good post. Thanks for sharing it.

Rest in Peace, Warriors.
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Post by Chiron »

Outstanding! Thanks to those that gave all R.I.P. warriors!
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