Researchers fail to catch time travellers

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Researchers fail to catch time travellers

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(CNN) -- In the movie "Back to the Future," the year is 1955 when Marty McFly introduces the song "Johnny B. Goode" to a high school dance. That was three years before this tune was actually written, but McFly knows it well because he's from the future.
It would stand to reason that in real life, time travelers from a future era -- or who had at least visited the future -- might give themselves away by mentioning events that haven't yet occurred. They might even do so online.
I mean, you'd obviously take to social media to broadcast your foreknowledge of world events, right?
Scientists at Michigan Technological University wanted to see if they could catch any such slips by residents of the future. So Robert Nemiroff, professor of physics, and graduate student Teresa Wilson conducted a whimsical study in hopes of identifying accurate predictions of future events. They are presenting their study at the American Astronomical Society Meeting on Monday.

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