FORUM RULES - read and heed!!!

Discussions on the American political landscape and its participants, world events and defense policy.

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FORUM RULES - read and heed!!!

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This forum is here for you to offer opinions, insights, or begin discussions on issues related to American politics and policy. It is a forum for anyone with an informed opinion. Disagreement is welcome, as are political opinions from either end of the political spectrum or anywhere in between. But, if you have something to say do not post it here unless you have an argument to support it. If you disagree with someone's argument, and don't have anything to offer but a "bullshit," just mumble it to yourself and spare your keyboard the wear and tear.

Let's keep it civilized. In logic there is a fallacy known popularly by its latin name: ad hominem. It means, literally: against the man. It is the fallacious method of argumentation in which a person substitutes an attack on his opponent's argument by attacking, instead, his character. No ad hominem here. In plain internet-speak, NO MEANINGLESS FLAMING. Above and beyond what should be considered a general prohibition on ad hominem, the general rule regarding being respectful of the Rangers on this site is in full effect. This is not primarily a political site - it is primarily the internet home of the Rangers on this board. Colloquially, it is "their house." If you are going to participate in the discussion here, you should do so with the same manner of polite deference you would yield if you were a guest in someone's living room. You might disagree with them, but you would do so in a manner reflecting your status as a guest. The same applies here. So just to restate this for emphasis, there are two cardinal sins in this forum, and they are (in order):

1. The rules regarding respect of the sites Rangers is in full effect

2. Ad hominem, in general, in lieu of arguments is not permitted

A discussion may become heated - that is the nature of debate about subjects of importance - but if your posts become essentially personal in nature rather than political, then at minimum, you will moderated. If you feel compelled to lash out at someone beyond what is tolerated in this forum, it would behoove you to consider the Private Messenging feature of this site as an alternative to posting here.

Language that can be construed as racist will not be tolerated. This site exists and is supported by a business. Whatever your personal feelings are about race issues, if explicitly racist statements are posted here it could become a liability for the business that pays for this site. As such, please use the appropriate discretion with regard to racial references.

As a reminder, respect for the intellectual property rights of others is a virtue practiced by the administrator of this website. It is a virtue that the moderators will ensure is enforced. If you would like to reference a copyrighted article from another website, then respect the intellectual property of the person who wrote the article by providing a link as opposed to pasting the entire article into this forum. It is fine to post a "teaser" - a few lines from the article followed by the link. If you post in violation of this policy, your post will be edited by a moderator to correct the problem.

Flagrant violations of any of the rules articulated above can result in your being moderated, having your posts deleted or moved, or being banned from the site. We will be watching, so keep it civil.

Gentlemen, we live in important times. As we speak, our fighting forces are spread around the globe fighting a war on terror, and there are changes domestically in both politics and culture that will shape the future of our nation, and, indeed, the world.

So without further ado, let the discussion commence....

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28JUL04 - The name of this forum is "News, Politics, and Policy." Notice it is not, "News, Politics, and Theology." If you have arguments about your religion vs. other religions, this is not the appropriate place to have these discussions. Hijack a thread along one of these tangents, and you risk having it deleted. Many political issues are inextricably tied to religion, and within that context it is fine to discuss the political aspects of the issue. But pontificating on religion, or debating the nuances of various faiths, is prohibited in this forum. If you've got a hankerin' for a little religious discussion, if you dare, I humbly suggest you see the resident chaplain - otherwise known as the Pastor of the Book of the Yellow River - Ranger Abell9.
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