Russell P. Telker

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Russell P. Telker

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Russell P. Telker

Yet another head for the wall :twisted:
Maggot275 wrote:I live in a small town 400+ so I know just about everyone behind the counter of any store. Today, I walk into the hardware store and see this spindly wire of a kid, new guy. I'm wearing an old Batt Pt t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and this punk sounds off with "Ranger!" when I come in. I just say "what's up?" to the kid and he asks me what class I was. I tell him 08-95 and ask him his, and he comes back with "I didn't pay attention to the minor details, I don't remember." I told him people who don't remember didn't graduate if they even went to Ranger School. He says "well, I just went for the tab I didn't care about the school I was in the 101st." I bit my tongue until I got my receipt then I looked at him and said, in front of his manager Bob (a friend of mine) "You didn't go to Ranger School, so don't claim you did." Then I stared out the door assuming that would be enough but as I almost got out the door I hear him snivel "I did attend Ranger School." I turn around so hot I started talking very loud in the store (Bob just stood by with his arms folded) and I asked him his vitals and explained to him that I've got connections that will verify anything about him and when I find out either way I'll be back with an apology or we'll have a little one on one conversation. I doubted this guys claim from the minute I walked in and I am sorry for wasting the All Knowledgables time and effort for this douche but I want to fry him.

His name: Russell P. Telker
Entry time: 02/00- present (claims ARNG)
Unit: C CO 3/502 101st (until 02/04)
RC: unkown 06/05 (maybe? fuckin puke)

He came out after me and asked what my connections are and I told him that I have Brothers in high spots that can verify all military/NG service and all qualifications. He asked me if I could ask you for a copy because his house burnt down and he lost all records.
Then there was more
Maggot275 wrote:UPDATE!!!
Thisguy has got to be brand-new because my wife comes home from work and says she met this Russ Telker. My wife runs a beauty shop in town and this puke comes in for a hair cut TODAY and says he just got off of active duty and blah blah blah. My wife asks what unit he was in and he says 101st because "they are more special ops than any other unit". My wife is laughing while she's giving him a trim she isn't saying anything about me, she knows better. He then states "I tried the Rangers but they didn't suit my needs. But then I was wounded and forced out." In my opinion, he's hitting on my wife with his 'spec-ops' 101st wounded in action secret squirrel missions so that's grounds for a nose adjustment and dental work don't you think?
Then Finally the kill
Maggot275 wrote: Here's the SITREP....
I go in to buy little bs things and he comes out from the back but doesn't say a word. I see him and bring my stuff up to the desk and begin rattling off what I had found out. "You never went to Ranger School. You never even tried." With an extreme look of "Oh Snap!" on his face he replies with "I didn't say I did." What a scumbag!!! So I restate everything he had told me then say "so you're calling me a liar!" He starts stuttering about how he didn't mean for me to think that he did blah blah-blah. I told him "Don't lie to cover all your other lies, I heard from someone else you are talking about Rangers. It's a small town and word gets around." He kept trying to back-pedal saying people misunderstood blah blah blah. Finally I said "Listen, by stating things you didn't earn and had never done you are taking the honor and respect away from those that did. You are disrespecting me and my Ranger brothers. I don't want to hear about your 'Ranger career' from you or anyone else." He didn't have anything more to say other than "Okay." I said "We can now add "Poser" to your qualifications." and walked out without buying a thing.

All in all, mission accomplished but it was pretty gay with no casualties.

Hopefully we will be provided with pictures of this douchebag soon.


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