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Ranger Poser trophy kills for public viewing. Those named within have been caught posing as Rangers, by Rangers of this website.

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Jason Knutson

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Jason Allen Knutson

DOB: 9/16/1972

Current Location: La Vergne, TN 37086-2434
Occupation : Manufacturing / Nissan Motor Corp

email address: jasonk11b@comcast.net
Known websites where fraudulent claims were made: www.tndeer.com, www.ambackforum.com, www.m-14forum.com

Popular screen names: jasonkb4, M1ALover

Known public claims: graduate US Army Sniper School - 1992 / SOTIC Graduate / A Co 3/327 1st Brigade as of Nov 2002 / 13 yrs active duty service / medically discharged 2003

Known private claims: Mogadishu vet with 3/75 - 1993 / invited to "Bragg" - 1993 through 2002 / deployed to Haiti with "you know who" - '97 - '99 / early infill, Afghanistan - 2001 / WIA, Oil Field #2, Iraq - 2002 / Medically discharged - 2002 / retained E-7 pay to pull James Bond secret service style sniper mission after quasi retirement.

Jason was very vocal about his deeds until a member of the ArmyRanger.com family confronted him in public:

Jason claimed:

You have claimed to be a member of 3/75 (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment) until shortly after the Mog (the October 1993 operation of Task Force Ranger [TFR] in Mogadishu, Somalia).The uninformed reader will know this particular operation by their exposure to the movie Blackhawk Down.

My Response

Anytime two Batt Boys (men who ever served anywhere within the 75th Ranger Regiment) happen to bump into each other, they immediately begin to ask questions to each other in order to ensure that the other is legit. They go through a vetting process, if you will, and will naturally gravitate towards one another because of the strong bond that exists between men who served in that unit. The SOF community is a VERY small one, and it is almost impossible to link up two SOF soldiers and they not know some of the same people. They know this, and will immediately determine the men they both know, and will then start telling war stories and strike up lifelong friendships. One thing they will NEVER do is acknowledge they come from the same lineage in the military and then put distance between themselves , which is what you did with me.

After your initial PM to me, I immediately replied, asking questions of you (your class dates) to begin the vetting process, and dropped a name or two as well as asked for names from you to establish the common links as is per SOP. I read your initial PM on 12/23/05, and as of 3/16/06 you have not responded to my reply, which is completely uncharacteristic of anyone who has ever served one single day anywhere within the 75th Ranger Regiment in any capacity. Why?

Moving on. Due to the numerous inconsistencies in your claims, along with your follow on silence, my BS meter went through the roof with you. Over the past three months, I have spoken with many guys who actually DID serve in 3/75 in the early 90’s, and who actually WAS part of TFR in Mogadishu. Your name is NOT on the manifest for TFR, which means you were not part of TFR. Further, of the remaining early 90’s 3/75 guys who did not see action in Oct 1993, NONE of them have ever heard of your name? Coincidence? I think not. It’s a small community, Jason. PLEASE EXPLAIN.

2. Your claim:

You then proceeded to claim that shortly after Mog, you were “invitedâ€


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