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I am currently at the MEPs hotel and will be flying out to Fort Benning tomorrow morning. I think back to when I first joined this website and look back on the people I've encountered, the stories I've read, the lessons I've learned and how much I have grown as an individual since committing myself to this goal. I also think of the many who have gone before me and have been in my exact position. I am filled with the feelings of anticipation and excitement.

I'd like to thank all the Ranger's on this website for the treasure trove of information that has been accumulated here since it's been established.

I feel the information I have been able to take away from this website has greatly prepared me for the journey I am soon to embark on.

Thank you all once again. It is time for me to begin my adventure just like the many before me.
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Robby, it won't take luck so do the job. Keep us updated as you can!
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