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Re: SITREP - Campo

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sloReady wrote:I don't want to overstep any boundaries here as a lowly DEP'r,
But this was very painful for me to read.
You clearly demonstrated you do not want to serve in the 75th.
By you getting a second chance, You take that spot from someone who IS committed to their goal.

Someone like myself.
No one here cares about your opinions. No one here will care if we ban you for being a fucking knucklehead and running your chubby little Popsicle hole when you have not even completed day 01 of OSUT.

You need to go do some serious PT and learn to stfu.
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Re: SITREP - Campo

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Yeah, that about covers it. When you're done with the push-ups, go ahead and roll on over, and do some flutter kicks.
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Re: SITREP - Campo

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Do burpees after the flutterkicks.

Oh. And fuck you, you don't know shit about anything.
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Re: SITREP - Campo

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Affirm wrote:Do burpees after the flutterkicks.

Oh. And fuck you, you don't know shit about anything.
Concise as always.
"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"
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