SITREP- Elgecko

Commo from our members who are in OSUT, Jump School, RIP, Ranger School, etc.
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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by elgecko »

Roger Ranger Steadfast!

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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by ManchuV »

Congratulations Ranger.

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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by Steadfast »

Ranger elgecko, packet inbound.

Your title upgraded to Inprocessing.

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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by MadBSTRD »

Congrats and welcome to the family.

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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by centermass »

Amazing to see another success story.

Congratulations on your progress Ranger. Now the fun begins.

Keep your stuff squared away, do the right things, Live the Creed and earn that tile 24/7.

Get your packet finished and we can finish welcoming you into the fold.


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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by PocketKings »

Well done.

I kinda like the Ned Flanders avatar. But, being a cook, maybe a spork? Both useful and deadly (and totally awesome).
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Re: SITREP- Elgecko

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Congrats, Young Ranger . . .Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Silencium Mortium

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